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Angels Otani-Tempe (jointly) talking with a coach during pitching practice[Expansion]

The US Major League Baseball camp was held in various places on the 21st, and Otani of the Angels entered the bullpen for the second time in Tempe, Arizona, and threw 39 balls while checking all the ball types.

Otani of the Angels entered the bullpen for the first time in three days. A total of 39 balls were thrown at the minor catcher with a break.

Until the day before, he sweated with “dual wield” such as striving for free batting outdoors after practicing the pitcher for two days in a row, but on the day he enters the bullpen, he concentrates on adjusting the pitcher. While many eyes of the leaders were focused on Otani’s pitching, he showed a form that jumped forward after releasing the ball. The feeling of dynamism using the whole body is eye-catching. (Joint)


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