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[Reuters]-Thousands of workers across the United States continue to strike for higher wages and better working conditions. Hollywood make-up artists and camera technicians negotiated over the weekend to avoid the strike, but the workers on strike seem to be even more enthusiastic due to tight supply and demand in the employment market.

On October 18, thousands of workers across the United States continue to strike for higher wages and better working conditions. Taken on July 28 in front of BlackRock headquarters in New York (2021 Reuters / Brendan McDermid)

Kevin Bradshaw, who works at a cereal factory in Memphis, Tennessee, which is responsible for the production of frost flakes in North America by Kellogg’s, a major processed food company, said that the company targets about 1,400 employees with medical insurance, retirement benefits, vacations, etc. One person who can’t keep calm in his heart as he pushes forward with the reduction of. The company’s factories in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Michigan have targeted employees on strike from the 5th.

Bradshaw, deputy director of the International Union of Bread, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers at the Memphis Plant, said, “I want you to be sloppy. I can’t keep giving something. “

60,000 Hollywood production staff avoided the strike on the 16th, but just before that, how strong the union members are saying that they are tired of slight wage increases, wage deferments, and other worsening conditions. Tells the story. No comment was received from Kellogg’s this time, but the company has continued to say that the level of compensation is the highest in the industry.

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Union officials are dissatisfied with the fact that many union members were considered so-called key workers during the coronavirus crisis, but they were not treated accordingly by management. However, given the sympathy of workers by the Biden administration and the ongoing labor shortage, such as the record number of people leaving the labor market in August, how much is the union determined to reward companies? I’m trying thoroughly.

According to Cornell University’s Labor Action Tracker, there have been at least 176 strikes since the beginning of the year, with 17 confirmed in October alone. “Workers are on strike for better contracts and better lives. Pandemics highlight disparities in our social system,” Schuller, chairman of the AFL-CIO, US Labor Union and Industry Association, said last week. Workers are refusing to return to terrible jobs that endanger their health. “

The U.S. labor movement has had some setbacks this year, including a blockade in the formation of a union at’s Alabama distribution warehouse, but leaders are now in the right position to succeed. I’m getting a feel for it. Professor Emeritus Harley Scheiken of the University of California, Berkeley said, “We have entered a new era in labor relations. Now that workers are in a position to take the lead, we believe there is a lot of’lost land’to recover. What we are seeing is at least the struggle to stay in the middle class or return to it. “

Based on data from US workers, the union membership rate of employees, which was 20% in 1983, fell below 11% as of last year. However, according to a survey conducted by Gallup in August this year, 68% of Americans are positive about the union, the highest level since 1965, and this ratio reaches about 78% between the ages of 18 and 29.

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One of the factors that raises the expectations of union leaders is the growing view among them that President Biden is the most union-friendly of all modern presidents. In April, Mr. Biden set up a working group to promote the organization of workers. Two months ago, he argued that it was a legitimate right of workers to form a union on Amazon’s unionization issue.

In fact, worker dissatisfaction is exploding in multiple sectors. In the case of Agricultural Machinery Deer, 10,000 people, or 90% of the hourly workers, joined the United Auto Workers (UAW) and refused the labor contract offered by the company last week and continued the strike. They want additional wages and severance benefits, which the UAW branch director called “a larger share of the pie.”

Deer declined to comment. However, after UAW members resolved to strike, he said he wanted to maintain the industry’s highest salary level for employees.

Over 28,000 people working in 13 California hospitals and hundreds of medical centers have approved the strike by an overwhelming majority this month. What management is looking for is to raise wages and increase the number of workers to reduce the burden of pandemics.

Approximately 2,000 medical workers in Buffalo, New York, who have been on strike since the 1st, agree with such demands. Nurse Kathy Kelly said she hadn’t had enough manpower in the hospital she worked for for five years, and expressed her anger, saying, “I can’t stand it anymore.

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