Anielle Franco, the new Minister of Racial Equality in Brazil

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On December 22, 2022, the human rights activist, journalist, writer, and educator Anielle Franco, was appointed Minister of Racial Equality by the elected president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

According to the portal afrofeminasat the age of 16, thanks to sports scholarships obtained for being an excellent volleyball player, Anielle She had the opportunity to study in the United States, where she lived for twelve years, studying at different schools such as Navarro College, in Corsicana, Texas, Louisiana Tech University, North Carolina Central University, and Florida A&M University. This experience in the United States brought her closer to the Antiracism and Black Feminism.

It was through his sister Marielle what Anielle knew the challenge of fighting for human rights in the Brazil in search of dignity, especially of the black population, who despite being a large part of the Brazilian population still suffer from a huge lack of human rights.

Unfortunately, Marielle She was murdered in 2018 in a crime that continues unpunished, from there Anielle continued the fight for human rights and founded the Marielle Franco Institute Dedicated to promoting policies in defense of women, Afro-Brazilians, the LGBTIQ+ community and people who live in favelas and peripheries, another of the organization’s objectives is also to encourage black women to take a leap into politics.

The new Minister of Racial Equality, as well as her sister, come from Maré, one of the most dangerous favela complexes in Rio de Janeiro, currently working as a teacher, lecturer, writer and militant in cultural and educational projects for underprivileged children. affirms the Chronicle portal.

Upon reaching the position of Minister of Racial Equality, Anielle She affirmed that she did not arrive alone and that she was accompanied by her sister’s legacy and the struggle of all black women.

It is important that we, women and black people, are in all decision-making spaces in a transversal way. We are qualified to be in all ministries and secretariats. We are going to build the Brazil of the future, of hope, for everyone, everyone, affirmed Anielle Franco.

Anielle Franco has a degree in Journalism and English from North Carolina Central University and a degree in English/Literatures from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, and a master’s degree in ethnic-racial relations from CEFET/RJ, says Afroféminas.

In 2019 he published his first book called “Letters to Marielle” and recently “My sister and I” in which he narrates his thoughts since the death of Marielle.

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