Animal rights activists worry about the fate of cats in Limoges town hall

Cats have always had their quarters at Place Blanqui behind the town hall in Limoges. Those of residents, domesticated and out for a walk, and those without a fixed abode. The Animal Rights League (LDDA) 87 has watched over them for many years, feeding them daily and checking their health.

Until then, no problem. Except that at the beginning of December, the life of Alaska the old cat, of Monsieur Blanc and Blondie changed: the town hall decided to condemn access to the crawl space located under the municipal printing house which served as a shelter.

Grids posed and deposited

“We phoned several times and the gates installed on the window were removed for the first time, explains Aline Biardeaud, president of LDDA 87. But they were put back …” The volunteer even had to have them dismantled to free the cats caught in the trap. But the grids reappear each time.

So of course the city had a feeding station made and installed where it took care to display the association’s contact details, but in these very cold weather, it cannot house all the cats and their daily food …

This weekend, the volunteers tried to recover the small felines but not the shadow of a cat. Only the empty bowls prove that they are still alive. Tired of war and very worried, Aline Biardeaud and Josette Réjou, also administrator of the LDDA 87, sent a new letter to the mayor Émile Roger Lombertie, following an open letter dated January 8.

“The LDDA is on the bridge every day to act on animal protection cases, three quarters of which are located in Limoges”

Aline Biardeaud (President of the Animal Rights Defense League 87)

They ask him to install a new shelter and blow him two locations not far from the condemned window. History not to disturb the cats in their habits. They also remind him of the work carried out by their association “most often on referral to municipal services”.

“We have always collaborated with the town hall and our shelters were made for the most part by municipal agents”, insists Aline Biardeaud who does not hide her incomprehension. Pointing in passing the essential role of the LDDA 87 in the sterilization campaigns in Limoges. “The LDDA is on deck every day to act on animal protection cases, three quarters of which are located in Limoges,” she finally wrote to the chief magistrate.

Sanitary problem

On the side of the town hall, no question of leaving this window open. “The room it serves and which serves as a technical room, is located just below the offices of the municipal television channel 7ALimoges. There was a real hygiene problem observed by our services, not to mention the odors, ”we plead.

An argument that has difficulty convincing the president of LDDA 87, even if the latter wishes to get out of this impasse as quickly as possible and just hopes that while waiting for a solution, access to the cellar remains open.

Maryline Rogerie


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