Anna Netrebko in a short fur coat walked around Riga – photo

The opera diva with her husband and son walked the streets of old Riga

Before the New Year, Anna Netrebko, her husband Yusif Eyvazov and 12-year-old son Thiago flew to Latvia. But they ran into total coronavirus restrictions. “In beautiful Riga, everything is also dead and closed … we are trying to abstract ourselves from the eerie reality and admire the Old Town,” Anna wrote on Instagram.

For such a turn, the family, it seems, was not very ready, and therefore a little upset. In Europe now, too, you do not really walk. After celebrating Catholic Christmas in their apartment in Vienna, Anna, Yusif and Thiago took a ride to Reichenau an der Rax, Austria’s fairground commune at the foot of the Rax mountain range, where they took a bunch of beautiful photographs.

In a white down jacket and a hat, the singer herself looked like the Snow Maiden. But my soul asked for real fun, and the company flew to Riga. And then there was such a bummer. According to the order of the authorities, from December 30 to January 4, as well as January 8-10, from 22:00 to 5:00, all residents of the country must be at their place of residence. Moreover, the ban was introduced only for the New Year – there were no restrictions on the days of Catholic Christmas. The guests of the city had to be content with small joys.

– Look what we found. This is happiness! Now we will eat it all, because they still don’t give anything else, ”the actress shared when she saw a shop with sweets. After refreshing themselves with pastries, the trio took a walk along Jauniela Street, which “played” the Bernese Flower Street, along which Professor Pleischner walked in the film “Seventeen Moments of Spring”. The city looked completely deserted, which, according to the artist, “is not at all good.”

Commentators on Instagram appreciated the image of the opera diva – for the New Year’s walk she chose a cute sheepskin coat made of natural fur.

– Anna became so stylish after marriage – someone remarked.

– I’ve always been stylish! – the singer reacted.

– Anna has always been stylish !!! And my wife raised her to a higher level in every sense! See how he lost weight, prettier! This is only her positive biofield and love.

– You have a very beautiful short fur coat, just a dream !!! Which brand? – clarified one of the subscribers.

– Bought in St. Petersburg, about 10 years ago, – reported Anna.

– Gorgeous sheepskin coat !!! It suits you very much !!!

-… and the bag is very, very good!

– Anna, tell me, please, is it still actual in Europe to wear natural fur? – someone raised a sore subject.

“It doesn’t bother me somehow,” Netrebko said.

– A confident woman creates style and does not blindly follow fashion. Bravo! This is the answer of a real, smart and successful woman! Everybody looks around, what is fashionable, what they say … What you like, what goes according to style, what is comfortable – then wear it !!! And everything suits you! … In Europe they hardly wear natural fur. But if it’s very cold, wealthy people, mostly the elderly, wear. And in Russia, probably, every third, second, despite the income. In Russia – frosts. Try to walk in synthetics … In New Year’s Riga, fur clothes are just that! – like-minded people supported Anna.

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