Anna of Avonle and other books by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Second part. Excellent student Anna attends the next two years at the Queen’s Academy. They are full of study enthusiasm and rivalry between classmates, among whom Gilbert Blythe is the biggest rival. Not only will Anna forgive him for old sins, but they also become good friends, even though they have no idea what life will bring them in the future.

The book Anna of Avonlea really deserves special attention and respect. Anna of Avonlea was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and immediately gained popularity in many countries around the world.

There is absolutely no difference between a hardcover book by Anna of Avonle or an audiobook or application for multimedia books. When reading Lucy Maud Montgomery, there is no difference between high quality paper and an e-ink screen or a high resolution Retina display.

What we read, not what we read, brings the greatest pleasure.

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