‘Anne with an E’ could return for a fourth season

Two years after its cancellation, we discovered that ‘Anne with an E’ could return to Netflix with a new season, we tell you why this beautiful feminist series was canceled and why we wait so long for its return.

Definitely ‘Anne with an E’ is one of the most popular and beloved projects of the world’s largest streaming platform, and this miniseries touches on issues such as feminism, bullying, homosexuality and discrimination seen from a fresh perspective soaked in a romantic aura And joy.

‘Anne with an E’, the series that we all must see

The series tells the story of an orphan girl named Anne, who was adopted by a pair of brothers who seek more support on the family farm, but a misunderstanding is responsible for the fact that instead of receiving a boy, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert are the tutors of a mischievous little girl who loves reading and fantasy. This story based on the 1890s, is inspired by the books of the renowned Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, but with a modern touch to be liked by the public in the 21st century.

After two years since its cancellation, ‘Anne with an E’ could return to Netflix thanks to the great insistence of the fans.


Why was ‘Anne with an E’ cancelled?

After three successful seasons, Netflix announced the cancellation of one of its most watched shows on its streaming platform, since then fans have sought the renewal of the series with a new season, so much so that even worldwide they took incredible advertising campaigns for the return of this period series.

Without having a positive response from the monster of digital entertainment, fans assumed that the great villain in history was Netflix, but in reality the cancellation of this series was due to the fact that it was a co-production between Canada, Netflix and CBC, the problems about its distribution became a big issue, since when it was broadcast in streaming format the series lost audience in its television format, which reflected low profits for the CBC that finally triggered the series to become simply unaffordable and unprofitable.


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