Anne With An E: The Prime Amazon Period Drama That Dethroned The Netflix Series

Anne With An E fans should be sure to check out the other equally great period dramas, but there is one in particular on the Amazon Prime Video platform that many consider.

January 08, 2022 · 14:51 hs

Loosely based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables book series, Season 3 of Anne With An E continue the wild journey of Anne (Amybeth McNulty), interspersed with contemporary issues and subjects such as harassment, censorship, and sexual harassment. Season 3 begins with Anne’s 16th birthday and then proceeds to explore the dynamic between her and Marilla.

Anne With An E is still considered one of Netflix’s best period dramas despite its cancellation

Anne With An E it is an obvious critique of hegemonic institutions, raising key questions about the nature of morality, which can rarely be translated in black and white. The general message that resonates through Anne with a season 3 of E is the idea of ​​love despite differences, or rather, especially in the midst of differences, while fighting oppressive structures that try to subjugate and oppress.

Although Anne’s story will not continue on the small screen, fans can find solace and similarities in other period dramas, including some that Anne references on the show. Anne With An E is unique in its sense of optimism, even if it is much braver than the original story. It is also unique in its exploration of lesser-known aspects of Canadian history, featuring characters and stories not included in the books. Still, it’s not the only empowering, female-directed period drama that’s suitable for all ages.

Anne With An E She is still missed by her large and devoted fanbase, but viewers can find comfort in other shows similar to Anne With An E. Movies and shows similar to Anne With An E often explore similar themes, coming of age, and the romance, but there’s a production to watch on Amazon Prime Video which many believe is far superior to the adaptation of Netflix.

Many fans believe Amazon Prime Video’s Emma dethroned Anne With An E as best period drama

The 2020 adaptation of Emma by Jane Austenbrings a lot of vibrancy and color to the screen. Austen is one of Anne’s favorite authors, and would probably appreciate the comic melodrama of her personal affairs. Emma Woodhouse (Anya Taylor-Joy). Set in the green regency hills of the England era, the colorful costumes, eventful balls, and gossiping women will appeal to those who like it. Anne With An E.

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Emma is a self-proclaimed matchmaker, to everyone but herself. When she befriends Harriet Smith and ruins her affair with Robert Martin, Emma is punished. She is so engrossed in other people’s affairs that she doesn’t see the potential for romance in her own life.


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