Anniversary of December 30

World.- December 30 is a date that has different important events throughout history in the world, some of them for example are: 1853, Mexico sells 78,845 square kilometers to the United States in southern Arizona and from New Mexico for ten million dollars; In 1992, 1853, Mexico sold 78,845 square kilometers in southern Arizona and New Mexico to the United States for ten million dollars; In 2006, former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is executed.


1814.- In Argentina, dueling is prohibited, under pain of death.

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1853.- Mexico sells to the United States 78,845 square kilometers in southern Arizona and New Mexico for ten million dollars.

1896.- Execution in Manila of the Philippine patriot José Rizal.

1903.- Fire of the “Iroquois” theater in Chicago, in which more than 600 people die.

1918.- The founding congress of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) begins in Berlin, which runs until January 1.

1922.- The Congress of Soviets, meeting in Moscow, approves the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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1923.– Inauguration of the first public air service in Argentina: from Buenos Aires to Montevideo.

1947.– Abdication of King Michael of Romania, a country that became a Republic, dominated by the Communists.

1989.- The Polish Parliament approves the Polish Republic, the change in the political and economic system and concludes the constitutional reform.

1992.- The new Peruvian Constituent Congress (80 members) replaces the 240-member bicameral Parliament, dissolved after the Fujimori coup on April 5.

1993.- Israel and the Vatican sign a mutual recognition agreement in Jerusalem.

1997.- Queen Elizabeth II names musician Elton John Knight of the British Empire.

2002.- The Ecuadorian Nina Picari is appointed Chancellor by the president-elect, Lucio Gutiérrez. She became the first indigenous woman to hold a high position in the history of the country and in Latin America.

2004.- 193 people die and more than 700 are injured in the fire at the República Cromañón nightclub in Buenos Aires.

2006.- The former president of Iraq Saddam Hussein executed.

2009.- Seven CIA agents die and another six are injured in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

2010.- The former president of Israel Moshé Katsav is convicted of two crimes of rape and sexual harassment.

2013.- A suicide attack on a trolleybus in Volgograd (Russia) causes 15 deaths. It is the second terrorist attack suffered by the city in less than 24 hours, with a total balance of more than 30 fatalities.


1865.- Rudyard Kipling, British writer, Nobel Prize winner 1907.

1895.- José Bergamín, Spanish writer.

1927.- Robert Hossein, French actor and film director.

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1961.- Ben Johnson, Canadian athlete.

1962.- Donato Gama da Silva, former Brazilian footballer.

1966.- Bennett Miller, American film director.

1975.- Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, American golfer.

1984.- LeBron James, American basketball player.

1986.- Ellie Goulding, British singer.


1691.- Robert Boyle, Anglo-Irish chemist and physicist.

1808.– José Moñino, count of Floridablanca, Spanish statesman.

1879.- Adelardo López de Ayala, Spanish writer and politician.

1940.– Romain Rolland, French writer, Nobel Prize 1915.

1995.- Heiner Muller, German playwright.

1998.- Joan Brossa, Spanish poet, playwright and visual artist.

2002.- Mary Wesley, British novelist.

2002.- Mary Brian, American actress of silent and sound films.

2003.- Anita Mui, actress and singer from Hong Kong.

2007.- Xaime Quesada, Spanish painter.

2012.- Rita Levi-Montalcini, Italian neurologist, Nobel Prize of Medicine 1986.

2014.- Luise Rainer, actress of Jewish-German origin, nationalized from the United States.

2017.– Erica Garner, American activist.

2018.- Héctor Timerman, former Argentine Foreign Minister.

2019.– Syd Mead, American Industrial Designer


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