Anyone can temporarily sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine on the Glitch in Arizona Health website

Phoenix (3TV / CBS 5) – The Arizona Department of Health admits that their online vaccination registration system has a technical issue that allows anyone to temporarily register the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Arizona is currently the nationwide leader in COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people.

Our state leads the country in the average daily number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people, according to the CDC.

Anonymous news sources and viewers informed families in Arizona that people outside of Phase 1A could register for vaccination appointments. Anyone can make an appointment on the government vaccination program website after creating an account and completing the planning process.

Several members of the Arizona Family Newsroom tested the website Tuesday night, each going as far as to select the date, time, and location of the vaccination, leaving only one verification process. All of our news subscribers choose “no” when asked if they are “over 65” or “educator or first responder” and can still take the final step.

Arizona’s family contacted AZDHS Tuesday evening for confirmation and comment on the site’s defect and was contacted Wednesday afternoon, according to AZDHS spokesman Steve Elliott, who was experiencing technical issues with the registration page. That was fixed last night.

When members of the Arizona Family Newsroom tested the registration page Wednesday morning, no one was able to make or schedule an appointment.

It is unclear how long the public will be able to schedule appointments and whether Arizona’s family request to AZDHS on Tuesday evening contributed to the discovery of the technical problem.

Click here to visit the State Vaccination Program Portal.

As of Wednesday, AZDHS only confirmed 119,653 vaccinations. On Tuesday, January 5th, Arizona received 314,750 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in December. This leaves more than 195,000 vaccines unused.

The Phase 1B COVID vaccine release begins Monday in Maricopa County.

“There was no filing process before January 11,” said Maricopa County Public Health.

Health officials said the state is expected to hit 140,000 doses this week, and about 60,000 of them will mean a second dose.

Maricopa County officials admitted there was an issue with distributing the vaccine in Phase 1A and said they are lagging behind the schedule for Phase 1B, which is expected to roll out on Monday. Phase 1B will deliver the vaccine to key frontline workers. In emergencies, K-12 instructors and other technical, scheduling, and staff issues and issues cause delays. The National Guard has trained medical personnel and retired medical students in the administration of vaccines.

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