AP Top 25 Poll. Texas A&M Finishes Fourth in Notre Dame College Football Final Rankings

Following: Victoria 52-24 above State of Ohio: As expected, in the National College Football Playoff Championship Alabama will end the 2020 season as the No. 1 team in the latest AP Top 25 poll. Which team ranked fourth, perhaps more of a surprise?

Texas A&M: He felt strong that he should be in the playoffs this year. While the Aggies went their way Our ladythey will finish fourth in the AP’s 25th place. Thanks to the victory over the Orange Bowl North CarolinaTexas A&M (9-1) concludes its highest ranking of the season since 1939, when the team ranked first.

Although the Buckins lost to Crimson Tide on Monday night, they remained in second place in the final standings. Clemson He dropped one place to third, and the Irish wrestlers finished in the top five. Oklahoma, with seven consecutive victories to close the year, is in sixth place. The rest of the top 10 reflects the results of the bowl season. Orgy, Iowa և: Northwest jumping into the top 10 after victories.

The final ranking was done by three news teams. Number 20: Oklahoma State, No. 23 Ball state: և No. 25: Buffalo,

This is what the final AP Top 25 looks like. Votes in first place are in parentheses.

1. Alabama (61)
2. Ohio
3. Clemson
4. Texas A&M:
5. Notre Dame
6. Oklahoma
7. Georgia որջիա:
8: Incine Inc:
9. Iowa
10. Northwest
11: BYU:
12: Indiana
13: Florida:
14: Coastal Carolina
15: Louisiana
sixteen: Iowa
17: Freedom
18. North Carolina
19: Texas:
20. State of Oklahoma
21: USC:
22: Miami, Florida)
23. State of the ball
24: Province of San Jose
25. Buffalo

Others receive votes. Appalachian State 41, Tulsa 35, Army: 24, Oregon 21, Texas Technology: 21, Memphis 12, TCU: 12, UAB: 10, Washington: 10, North Carolina 7, Nevada: 7, Wisconsin 3, West virginia 1, Marshall 1:

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