Apparently, the ashes of James Doohan (Scotty in Star Trek) had been cushy on the ISS since 2008

For fans of the saga Star Trek, July 20, 2008 was a tragic date. And indeed, that was the day when James Doohan, the one who embodied the character of the chief engineer Montgomery Scott, alias Scotty, died of pneumonia at the age of 85.

But did you know that since 2008, part of the ashes of this legend have been on theISS ? Thus, twelve years after illegally transporting Doohan’s ashes there, Richard Garriott publicly revealed the facts in an interview with the Times of London, a famous British daily.

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For James Doohan, the space was truly fascinating. In fact, one of his wishes was apparently to be able to board the ISS one day. Reason why Garriott brought these ashes there.

And since the death of the one who played the role of Scotty, his ashes have already circled the Earth several times.

Garriott and Doohan’s family have kept the story a secret the entire time

After the death of James Doohan, his relatives have repeatedly asked if they can send his ashes to the ISS. Unfortunately, their requests were systematically refused. This prompted Richard Garriott, one of the first individuals to be able to travel to the ISS, to transport illegally the ashes of Doohan.

According to Garriott, he managed to discreetly place a photo of the deceased and some of his ashes under the floor of the module Columbus of the ISS. And until today, Richard Garriott and Doohan’s family have kept it a secret.

But like Garriott declared it nearby Times of London, since several years have already passed, this story can now be brought to light.

James Doohan and space, a bond that even death won’t affect

As Garriott clarified, it brought joy to Doohan’s family. Besides, his son, Chris Doohan, did not fail to publicly thank Richard Garriott, the man without whom one of the wishes of his late father could never have been realized.

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Besides, you surely don’t know it, but the ISS is not the only place that these famous ashes have visited. In fact, in 2012, an urn that contained it circled our planet at least 70,000 times, aboard a rocket. Falcon 9 de SpaceX.

And earlier, in 2008, ashes of James Doohan were also carried aboard a rocket. Falcon 1. Unfortunately, this time, SpaceX’s rocket crashed, just moments after launch.


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