Apple: Masked robbers loot store in California | news

This audacity leaves you speechless!

Palo Alto – The raid lasted only a few moments, but the loot is remarkable. Two men in hoodies walked into a busy Apple store in Palo Alto, California. A mobile phone video shows how the strangers ripped several iPhones, iPads and MacBooks out of their security anchors on “Black Friday” and pocketed the expensive technology.

Some devices crashed to the ground, so the noise made customers aware of the coup. The masked robber duo apparently left it cold! The men didn’t seem to mind being filmed. On the contrary: they calmly cleared one sales table after the other.

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The two probably suspected that Apple staff would not stop them. The video shows a seller raising both arms to defuse the situation. When an irate customer asks if he should stop the robbers, he is told, “Let them go,” to hold off.

Devices plugged in for $35,000

According to police officer James Reifschneider, the stolen tech products are worth around $35,000. According to information from the news website “ Palo Alto OnlineAn Apple employee heard one of the perpetrators threaten customers with violence. If this suspicion proves true, this would have an impact on the prosecution. A threat of violence could result in the crime being classified as robbery instead of grand theft. This means that the penalties are much harsher!

After their robbery, the criminals fled in a red Mazda

Photo: Twitter

But there is still no trace of the two criminals. Police describe them as black males between the ages of 17 and 23. After their heist, the two got into a red Mazda 3 and sped away. They were last seen on a nearby highway but were never caught.

How could the robbers pocket so much technology?

Unlike in Germany, Apple demonstration devices are hardly secured in the USA. The American tech pioneers lay out iPhones, iPads and even MacBooks in their stylish shops without protecting them with steel cables. Noisy “ SternThere is built-in anti-theft protection – as soon as the demo devices are no longer connected to the store’s WLAN, they switch off automatically.

Thus, the robbers expect the technical KO!

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