Apple will not oppose union formation at its Maryland store

06/27/2022 at 23:39


The company will take a different perspective from other technology companies

In the past she has been accused of using anti-union measures

Apple won’t oppose the recent vote by your mall employees Townson Town Center in Maryland, United States, to unionize. According to Engadget, a source close to the company has assured that they will respect the votes.

Local workers recently voted to join the Machinists and Aerospace Workers Association. Of the 110 employees who could participate in the elections, 65 have voted in favor, being an overwhelming majority compared to those who voted against unionization. Recently, A store in the State of Georgia, in the United States, withdrew the elections for denouncing coercion by Apple.

Apple does not plan to challenge Towson’s vote, they are going to abide by it and respect the election process that has been carried out, something that conflicts with what other large technology companies are doing. Amazon, for example, was quick to speak out against the historic vote at its JFK8 facility on Staten Island, saying that I would appeal the result over allegations that the Amazon Workers Union had intimidated workers and “campaigned.”

Companies often challenge the results, largely to stop or slow down the union process and buy time for other anti-union measures. The United States is quite complex in union matters.

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