Archery, World Championships: the Azzurri in the USA aim for primacy

After the success at the 3D World Championships in Terni, the national team left to reach Yankton, in the United States of America, where the World Shooting Championships will be staged from 3 to 9 October. Twenty-one blues in the race looking for titles and confirmations after the success at the 3D World Cup

Last year it was the site of the Outdoor World Championships and the World Cup Final. This time Yankton, one of the most renowned archery centers in the States, will host the World Field Championships from 3 to 9 October, the archery specialty that in Italy is called “country shooting”, in which the Azzurri excel. Just to give an example, last year in the continental review the Italians won the beauty of 26 medals against the 11 of Sweden, second in the medal table. On the other hand, the skills of the Italians were also highlighted this summer at the World Games in Birmingham, where two golds and a bronze brought the flag to the first step of the podium. As done at the recent 3D World Championships in Terni, the Azzurri will try to climb the rankings by focusing primarily on the winners of the World Games: Cinzia Noziglia, defined by World Archery as “the best shooter in the world in the barebow division” and the Italian star in Tokyo. Chiara Rebagliati, gold in the recurve. Marco Morello also wants to play a leading role, bronze in Birmingham, also in the Olympic. The goal is to be among the first, with both seniors and juniors, in all three divisions: Olympic, compound and barebow. It goes without saying that it will not be an easy task, considering that 190 archers will be competing in Yankton, representing 24 nations. There are 21 blues called up by the technical director Giorgio Botto, who will be assisted by coach Daniele Bellotti.

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the blue squads

In the recurvo, the choice fell on Massimiliano Mandia (Fiamme Azzurre), Marco Morello (Air Force), Federico Musolesi (Air Force), Chiara Rebagliati (Fiamme Oro) and Sara Noceti (Archers Tigullio). Among the juniors called Matteo Borsani (Archers Del Roccolo), Roberta Di Francesco (Archers Abruzzesi) and Aiko Rolando (Fiamme Oro). In the compound blue jersey for Marco Bruno (Archers Iuvenilia), Fabio Ibba (Archers of Torrazzo), Sofia Caccia (Archers Pol. Solese), Sara Ret (Archers Cormòns) and Anna Rocca (Archers Tigullio). Called among the juniors for Leonardo Costantino (Arcieri Delle Alpi) and Andrea Nicole Moccia (Arcieri del Torresin). In the naked arch, among the senior ones, there will be Eric Esposito (Arcieri di Malpaga Bartolomeo Colleoni Bergamo), Giuseppe Seimandi (Fiamme Azzurre), Cinzia Noziglia (Fiamme Oro) and Eleonora Strobbe (Arcieri Altopiano Piné), while among the young there will be Matteo Seghetta (Barbican Archers Città della Pieve) and Eleonora Meloni (Uras Archers).

the program

On Tuesday the official start of the races with qualifying at unknown distances, while on Wednesday there will be shots at known distances. The top two finishers of the three divisions earn direct access to the semifinals, while the others will face the preliminaries. On Thursday the program includes all the individual matches up to the semifinals and on Friday the matches of the team heats. All medals will be awarded on Saturday and Sunday with the first day dedicated to teams and mixed teams and the second to the assignment of individual world titles.

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