“Are these with brutalized faces?”: Vaikule compared current singers with Pugacheva

Vaikule declared her and Pugacheva’s merit in the “maintenance” of the Soviet Union

Laima Vaikule, in an interview with one of the publications, stated that it was she and Alla Pugacheva who allegedly “supported” the Soviet Union by releasing their songs, an excerpt from the interview leads StarHit.

Vaikule statedthat the majority of people in the country consider Alla Pugacheva, unlike other stars, to be their heroine.

Who is now? Those who sing some crazy songs with such brutalized faces? Can they compete with Alla? Together they will not outweigh Alla– said the Latvian performer who became famous in Russia.

Moreover, the artist said, it was she and Pugacheva who “supported” the Soviet Union, and Pugacheva, who gave herself to the people, received a “spit” from the “little evil stupid mass” in return.

I supported the Philharmonic Society, I supported the Soviet Union by releasing my CDs. I’m not talking about Alla. I received 17 rubles, collecting a stadium of 45 thousand. If someone has nothing to do, count how much money I brought to the stateVaikule argued.

So the artist reacted to comments coming to her in social networks that she was “created by Russia” and she earned money on it. She invited commentators to calculate how much money the state earned on it.

If someone has nothing to do, count how much money I brought to the state. Just count who kept whom and who paid whom? I worked, and I supported the entire Soviet Union. And Alla kept all this Russia, which is now presenting something to her– said the singer.

As for Pugacheva, her friend believes that the singer, both as an artist and as a person, is “in the first place.”

Alla in general as a person, a musician in the first place, there is nothing to talk about. I can say to myself, I collected stadiums and the love of the peoplethe Latvian performer recalled.

Vaikule said that she “did not ask for it” and did not even want to act for the first time on Central Television. However, she did it the first time and since then she has been loved and recognized.

I didn’t force myself on anyone. It was the Soviet Union, not Russia– concluded the singer.

Earlier, music critic Sergei Sosedov proposed to close the Russian business of Laima Vaikule because of her open anti-Russian position. Then, the TV presenter said, the singer, perhaps, would have come to her senses.

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