Arizona allocates 6 million to support antibody therapy for the treatment of the Chinese Communist Party virus Virus | Wuhan Pneumonia | New Coronavirus

[Voice of Hope September 2, 2021](Compiled by our reporter Yuning)Doug Ducey, the Republican State of Arizona, announced on September 1 (Wednesday) that it will allocate 6 million US dollars to hospitals in the state to support the monoclonal antibody treatment and other treatments for the Chinese Communist virus (new crown virus) infection. Therapy.

Dassé said in a statement that the funds will reduce the pressure on hospital medical staff, allow hospitals to recruit lower medical staff, and reduce the number of people infected with the Chinese Communist virus in Arizona.

This 6 million US dollars is the third fund allocated by Dassey for the hospital in the state during the CCP virus epidemic. He allocated US$2.5 million and US$6 million to hospitals in the state in November and December last year to increase the number of medical staff in the hospital during the peak of the epidemic.

The Republican governors of Texas and Florida also used state funds to support the use of monoclonal antibody therapies to treat patients with the Chinese Communist Party virus. Governor DeSantis of Florida (Ron DeSantis) Said that due to this treatment, the state’s hospitalization rate has dropped from its peak last month. He believes that monoclonal antibody therapy is the most effective therapy for infected patients.

Regeneron said it has shipped a large number of monoclonal antibody therapies to Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama in recent weeks. And if this therapy is used in the early stages of the patient’s infection, it seems to be able to reduce the risk of serious illness.

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According to the website of the US Department of Health, monoclonal antibody therapy helps prevent the CCP virus from attaching to the human body, making it difficult for these viruses to multiply in human cells and harm human cells. These antibodies can also help the body’s immune system to resist invading viruses more effectively.

American infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said in July that monoclonal antibody therapy can reduce the risk of severe illness by 70% to 85%. He said: “This is a very effective treatment for the new coronavirus, and it is also an underused therapy. We strongly recommend making full use of this therapy.”

Fauci also recommends starting this therapy in the early stages of the patient, rather than waiting until the patient’s illness is very serious and requires hospitalization. He said: “The effect of using this antibody in the early stage of infection is the best. As a treatment that is underused, I hope that doctors and potential patients will be aware of this very effective treatment in the early stage of infection.”

Former US President Trump (Trump) used this monoclonal antibody therapy when he was infected in October last year and recovered within a few days.

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