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Hello everybody!

I am with the hope that everything will have returned to normal by September and that I can still convince my wife
the route planning for our next trip started. This time it should go through Arizona and New Mexico.
On the whole, I am quite satisfied with the route planning. I still have some question marks for a week, which I plan alone
would. The plan is for my wife to spend a week at the ranch, or a week of riding on a ranch. During this time I would be
traveling alone. Due to the stay at Rnach, the route planning of the route is a little confusing at first glance (just once in advance …).
This is what the plan looks like at the moment:

Tag Start target Plan
1 Germany Phoenix
2 Phoenix Prescott Cold Water NM
Watson Lake
3 Prescott Sedona Drive over Jerome towards Sedona
4 Sedona Sedona
5 Sedona Sedona
6 Sedona Flagstaff Drive over the Red Rock Scenic Byway
Montezuma Well und Montezuma Castle
Drive to the ranch in the Mogollon Rim area
Continue via Winslow to Flagstaff
possibly also Walnut Canyon
7 Flagstaff Grand Canyon Village Sunset Crater NM
Wupatki NM
8 Grand Canyon Village Grand Canyon Village (Cameron) Hike Grand Canyon
9 Cameron Tuba City Coal Mine Canyon / Blue Canyon
10 Tuba City Chinle
11 Chinle Chinle Canyon de Chelly
12 Chinle Bereich Petrified Forest first pick up my wife from the ranch
then in the area of ​​the Petrified Forest
13 Petrified Forest ??? initially still Petrified Forest
possibly El Malpais NM and an intermediate overnight stay in this area
14 ??? Santa Fe
15 Santa Fe Santa Fe
16 Santa Fe Albuquerque
17 Albuquerque Albuquerque
18 Albuquerque Almogorado White Sands NM
19 Almogorado Wilcox The crosses
Chiricahua NM; short hike
20 Wilcox Tucson Chricahua NM; Hike
possibly route via Bisbee and Tombstone (depending on time)
21 Tucson Tucson Saguaro East
Mount Lemmon
ggf. Sabino Canyon
22 Tucson Tucson Saguaro West
ggf. Arizona Sonoran Museum
23 Tucson it Kitts Peak
Organ Pipe NM
24 it Apache Junction
25 Apache Junction Apache Junction Lost Dutchman SP
26 Apache Junction Glendale/Phoenix
27 Phoenix Return flight

My questions mainly relate to days 7-12; You are of course also welcome to submit comments on the rest of the route.

– Originally I planned to drive from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon on the 7th day. On the 8th day I wanted to do a big hike in the canyon (Rim2River2Rim).
And on the 9th day I wanted to drive out again via the west exit and then continue towards Tuba City.
However, the west exit is currently closed and even after asking the national park service, they could not confirm that the exit was open until
September is open again. That means (as of now) that I have to go back the whole way via Flagstaff and then head north to Tuba City.
Since I already know the Grand Canyon and actually only there because of. the hike would go again, it would actually be too much driving for me …

– As an alternative, I have now considered driving from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon North Rim. The visit to Coal Mine Canyon and Blue Canyon
would then be omitted for the time being, because I want to go there if actually at the end of the day.
I don’t know the North Rim yet and I like it very much in the travel reports (would of course also be a lot of driving …)
From the North Rim I would have to get to Canyon de Chelly somehow sensibly, where I am currently missing the right ideas
Then look like this in the planning:

7 Flagstaff Grand Canyon North (or a little earlier if necessary Sunset Crater NM
Wupatki NM
Marble Canyon
8 Grand Canyon Nord Grand Canyon Nord
9 Grand Canyon Nord ???
10 ??? Chinle
11 Chinle Chinle Canyon de Chelly
12 Chinle Bereich Petrified Forest first pick up my wife from the ranch
then in the area of ​​the Petrified Forest

I’m not really happy with these days, because it would be a lot of driving for 6 days. What do you all mean? Would this part be that feasible, or would you recommend something else? Since I would be traveling alone during this time, long distances and long days would not be a problem.
Basically, I am open to all ideas. The main focus during this time should be hiking.
As already written, I am primarily concerned with days 7-12; if you can think of something or notice something on the other days, you can of course also give your opinion.

Thank you very much and have a nice Sunday everyone!


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