Arizona Cardinals vs. Kansas City Chiefs Live Scores


Chiefs clearly win!

The Kansas City Chiefs start the new season with a clear exclamation mark. First and foremost Patrick Mahomes, who made 30 of 39 passes for 360 yards. The star quarterback threw five touchdowns and gave the Cardinals no chance at all. Arizona got completely under the wheels, especially at the beginning, but was able to catch up in the course of the game. Kyler Murray still managed two touchdown throws. The Cardinals would have been more competitive against any other team, but not against these Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have a lot planned and underlined that on today’s Matchday!

55. Min


Two-point conversion failed (Cardinals)

55. Min


21-44 – Next touchdown for the Cardinals

A high-scoring game was expected and it is a high-scoring game. Kyler Murray breaks out of the pocket and sees his tight end at the goal line. Ertz, who was questionable before the start of the game, catches the ball and falls into the end zone.


No pass play for a change

53. Min


Extra point, H. Butker (Chiefs) at 15:44

53. Min


15:43 – The rookies score too!

The rookies score too. Mahomes passes at the six yard line to Isaih Pacheco, who carries the football over the goal line. A nice start for the rookie, who is set to be a backup running back for Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

48. Min


15-37 – Zach Ertz is there for two points

Cardinals tight end Zach Ertz converted a pass for a two-point conversion.

48. Min


13:37 – Marquise Brown mit dem Touchdown

Hollywood Brown with a superb catch for a touchdown. At 4&Goal, Murray takes a chance and goes for the touchdown. In the middle of the end zone, Brown gets rid of his coverage and turns the route left outside. Murray throws the ball a little low, but Brown dives and catches the egg just before it hits the ground.


Sure thing

With the comfortable 37:7 lead, the Chiefs took the pressure off the game at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Murray and the Cardinals try to get into the red zone again, but the Chiefs are just too strong for the Cardinals in this condition.

46. Min


Beginning of 4th quarter


Butker only needs an ankle

45. Min


End of 3rd quarter

42. Min


37:7 Butker’s PAT attempt successful

Butker just seems to be playing about his injury and perfects the PAT.

42. Min


Next touchdown for the Chiefs

It’s Patrick Mahomes’ fifth touchdown pass of the match. Mahomes should never be given a chance at the two-yard line. Hardman runs free on the left and the Chiefs quarterback doesn’t have to think twice. Hardman makes it 36:7 for the Chiefs.


Fourth TD pass by Mahomes

36. Min


Extra point, H. Butker (Chiefs) at 7:30

35. Min


Fortson increases to 7:30

After a pass interference, the Chiefs get the football put on the one-yard line and Patrick Mahomes doesn’t miss a chance like that. He ties tight end Jody Fortson into the game and feeds Fortson, who breaks away from the defender in the end zone and is free on the left in the end zone.


Mahomes MVP?

At least he leaves a much better impression in a direct duel with Aaron Rodgers…


Mahomes just keeps going

The quarterback is in top form at the beginning of the season and plays outstanding passes on the assembly line. With a deep pass, he finds Travis Kelce and the tight end locks in the 40-yard catch.

31. Min


Beginning of 3rd quarter

30. Min


End of 2nd quarter



The Chiefs start the new season furiously and do not give away gifts in Arizona. The offense around Patrick Mahomes looks dangerous as always and the running game over Clyde Edwards-Helaire seems to be working better than in previous years. The Cardinals, on the other hand, are yet to come into play and Kyler Murray is under constant pressure. As a result, the small, nimble quarterback cannot yet play to its usual strengths. There are still a few touchdowns awaiting us in this encounter.

30. Min


23:7 Field goal by Harrison Butker

Despite Butker’s injury, the Chiefs go to a field goal with seven seconds left on the clock. Butker comes out of the cabin and takes the kick from 54 yards. With his ankle bandaged shut, he just takes a step backwards and still scores the field goal. This increases the Chiefs from 23:7.


Juju with the fumble!

Mahomes brings a short pass to his new receiver Juju Smith-Schuster. Juju is tackled by Gesack and drops the ball. After that, the Cardinals can secure the ball. This changes possession again.


The Cardinals in luck

Murray hands over to James Conner near the 50 yard line. The running back tries to turn out and gets tackled from the side. He drops the football, but the offensive can reclaim the egg and recover the fumble.

23. Min


Reid misses

Substitute kicker Justin Reid misses the PAT attempt. So it’s only 20:7 for the Kansas City Chiefs. He can’t build on his strong first attempts.

23. Min


Clyde Edwards-Helaire scores his second touchdown

After a fantastic drive by the Chiefs, they are stopped just before the goal line. With 4&2 and an injured kicker, the Chiefs decide to play the last try. Edwards-Helaire breaks through on the right and is passed by Mahomes. The way to the end zone is clear and the running back gets his second touchdown of the game.


Addendum to Reid’s madness kickoff


Connection of the Cardinals

17. Min


Extra point, M. Prater (Cardinals) to 7:14

17. Min


Conner with the connection

In the goal zone, Murray hands over to his running back James Conner, who prevails against the tackle and fights into the end zone. The Cardinals cut it to 7:14.


Kyler shows what he can do!

The quarterback gets a free block from his running back. He runs himself from the 30-yard line to the two-yard line until blocked.


Kicker Harrison Butker has been injured

During the backswing, the regular kicker probably hurt his ankle and marched straight into the dressing room. Justin Reid is now filling his role, although he is a trained safety and not a kicker. However, he threw the kickoff right into the end zone. Since the Chiefs have probably saved a roster place!

16. Min


Beginning of 2nd quarter

15. Min


End of 1st quarter


Mahomes balls are dealt underhand


Murray under pressure

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has been under a lot of pressure from the Chiefs defense so far. The Cardinals’ O-line has allowed way too much so far.

12. Min


14-0 for the Chiefs

The PAT Attempt is also good and it is 14:0 early in this match.

12. Min


Chiefs take control!

Kansas quickly makes it 13-0 against the Cardinals. 14 yards from the end zone, Patrick Mahomes hands over to running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who breaks the tackle and goes into the end zone.

6. Min


Extra point, H. Butker (Chiefs) to 0:7

6. Min


Mahomes finds Kelce!

Travis Kelce makes the first touchdown for the Chiefs. In the opening drive, Mahomes finds his tight end loose on the left in the end zone.


Welcome to the later games!

While some of the earlier games are still running, we’ve got some real bangers in store for us in the second slot of our first conference of the season. Among other things, the Arizona Cardinals receive the Kansas City Chiefs. How can the Chiefs start this season? After the team around star quarterback Patrick Mahomes lost to the Bengals in the NFC Conference Championship last season, the 2019 Super Bowl winner wants to attack again. The Chiefs have to make up for the departure of wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who was traded to the Dolphins. The Chiefs upgraded to the position and signed Juju Smith-Schuster, previously with the Steelers, and drafted Skyy Moore as a second-round pick this year. They are to fill the void that Hill will leave behind.

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