Arizona Dream – Comedy, Kinowelt TV, Dec. 30, 4:00 p.m. – TV program

Original-Titel: Arizona Dream
The End: 18:20
Running time: 140 minutes
Comedy, F, USA 1993
Region: Emir Kusturica
FSK: 12

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Cinema world TV | 16:00 – 18:20 | comedy

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1 Silver Bear, Berlin Nominated for the Golden Bear, Berlin After the death of his parents, Axel lives in seclusion in New York. When he is invited by his uncle Leo to his wedding, Axel returns to the desert of Arizona. There he meets the eccentric village widow Elaine and her daughter Grace. Axel falls in love with Elaine, who desperately wants to fulfill her dream of flying, while Grace exercises melancholy. When Axel realizes that Grace is actually the right one for him, he conjures up a disaster. “In his fourth film, the Yugoslav cinema visionary Emir Kusturica (” Zeit der Gigeuner “) shot for the first time in the USA: In return, he fulfills a dream and lets his cinematic alter ego Johnny Depp (” Benny & Joon “) alongside his idols Jerry Lewis and Faye Dunaway play. As usual, Kusturica packs the moving and sometimes hilarious story of Axels growing up in both bizarre and powerful images. The opening film of the Berlinale 1993 is a must for discerning film fans! ” (Source: VideoWoche) Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, writes: “A filmmaker who has his own special view of the world and does without standard scripts.”

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