Arizona Forecast: Last Day of 2020 with Calm and Stable Conditions | Video | Univision Phoenix KTVW

the time segment is

presented …

journalist: tomorrow we say goodbye

the year 2020.

a quiet day in everything

it is our state.

in the valley the temperatures

new year’s eve rondaán

the brajo 40.

it can be a trusty night.

wear a coat if you are active


we expect temperatures at 62

and no precipitation in the


there luce the satellite.

North winds, we


but remember that the outlook

as the winds are not

so strong will affect the quality.

we have the notice about

all current.

caution in your prognosis.

we can already expect an increase in

the temperatures that will occur

during the next few years.

we talk for this year what

It was next Sunday.

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