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The price of the Arizona Gold share was CAD 0.14 on January 5th, 2021, 9:44 p.m. The title is assigned to the “Gold” branch.

Our analysts have rated Arizona Gold according to 6 criteria. Each criterion defines a “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell” assessment. The overall assessment results from the individual results of this analysis.

1. Analysts’ assessment: In the opinion of the analysts who have issued a recommendation in the past 12 months, Arizona Gold looks like this: Overall, there is a “Buy”, since there are 1 Buc, 0 Hold, 0 Sell ratings . There are no analyst updates on Arizona Gold from last month. The analysts’ target price for Arizona Gold is interesting. This averages $ 0.45. This means that the share price will therefore develop by 221.43 percent, since the price was last quoted at CAD 0.14. This is why there is a “Buy” rating. The analyst investigation therefore leads to a “Buy” rating overall.

2. Industry comparison share price: Arizona Gold achieved a performance of -20 percent in the past 12 months. Similar stocks in the “metals and mining” industry are up 5.89 percent on average, an industry-standard underperformance of -25.89 percent for Arizona Gold. The “Materials” sector had a median return of 5.89 percent last year. Arizona Gold was 25.89 percent below that average. The underperformance in both the industry and the sector comparison leads to a “sell” rating in this category.

3. Sentiment and buzz: Strong positive or negative spikes in Internet communication can be identified precisely and early on with our analysis. The mood for Arizona Gold has hardly changed in the past few weeks. We give the share a “hold” rating. Discussion strength measures the attention of market participants on social media. For Arizona Gold, our programs have measured increased activity over the past four weeks. This indicates that market participants are more interested in this stock. Arizona Gold gets a “Buy” rating for this. Overall, the share is therefore rated with a “Buy” at this level.

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Should Investors Sell Right Now? Or is it worth joining Arizona Gold?

How will Arizona Gold develop after the Corona crisis? Is your money safe in this stock? The answers to these questions and why you need to act now can be found in the latest analysis of the Arizona Gold Stock.

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