Arizona health authorities call on citizens to get vaccinated against the flu – Tribuna de San Luis

With the change of climate comes an increase in respiratory diseases, such as colds, diarrhea or flu, for which the Sunset Healh agency has started its annual vaccination campaign in Yuma County, Arizona.

Lucy Murrieta, spokeswoman for the Hispanic nonprofit agency, said that it is a completely free activity and for the good of county residents who are three years of age and older.

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“We will be in the county six times throughout the day, but we must remember that, although an appointment is not needed, priority will be given to those who arrive after 4 in the afternoon. To do this, it is necessary to stand in line from their car and each one wearing a mask, there a nurse will give them the vaccine “

According to information shared to this medium, the agency, the flu vaccination campaign begins this September 16 in the city of Somerton, in Joe Muñoz Park, located at 245 Fern St.

Then, on the 23rd of the same month, the day will arrive in San Luis, Arizona, right at Plaza Riedel, located at 1950 Cesar Chávez Boulevard, while on September 30, he will be vaccinated in Wellton, at the Suset Health Clinic, 10425 Williams St.

In October, the day moves to Yuma for two occasions, the first on the seventh at the Yuma Palms Mall, and then, on the 14th of that month, at the Suset Heatlh clinic, 675 Avenida B. and finally, it returns to San Luis, Arizona, on the 21st at Riedel Plaza.

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For more information on the evacuation day, you can call 928 819 8999 or search for the agency on social media.



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