Arizona-Large contingents of migrants rescued at the beginning of 2023

Marco A. Flores

Sonora / 03.01.2023 16:48:04

In the first days of this 2023, the Border Patrol has managed to apprehend three large contingents of migrants in the vicinity of Lukeville, Arizonaborder with Sonora, Sonora.

Tucson Sector Chief John R. Modlin reported that elements assigned to Ajo Station secured a first group of 140 people illegally in the United States.

This caravan is made up of adults and small families, including several babies in arms, who were originally from eight different countries.

“Tucson Sector agents continue to respond to these large groups and work through the challenges they present,” the federal agent said.

Other immigration officers assigned to the same station had previously secured two large contingents of illegal immigrants, which combined numbered 111 individuals.

Most were adults, somes families and several minors who traveled without the company of a family member or adult, all representing nine different countries.

In all three cases, various elements of the Border Patrol supported in the transportation and processing of the migrants.


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