Arizona Reaches 512,489 Coronavirus Cases and Medical Staff Fight to Stop Hospitals From Collapsing | Univision Phoenix KTVW

The Arizona Department of Health continues to report thousands of new coronavirus cases every day and hospitals are filling to capacity. This Wednesday, the state reported 5,267 new cases of coronavirus and 78 deaths from complications of the virus.

This Tuesday, December 29, the Banner hospital chain said via Twitter that due to the high number of patients in the last 48 hours, 6 of its hospitals have had to stop receiving patients and have had to send them to other hospitals to be treated. .

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In the tweets Banner Health says that it is quite common during the winter for a hospital to reach capacity and send patients to other places to be treated, which is not common is that several hospitals do it at the same time.

“In the hospital, they can’t cope, because there are people who really have so many symptoms and so much respiratory distress that they come to the hospital and are divided into those who can help and those who cannot,” explains Dr. Eric González .

González affirms that only in his clinic they are receiving between 30 and 40 patients per day, and that number is for each doctor.

“If you have an emergency, it is life or death , what you are going to do first is call 911They are going to give him first aid, there is going to be a discernment. Where they will determine if your emergency warrants going to a hospital or not, and although there is no room, if your emergency is life or death, if your emergency is related to the coronavirus or something else, for example, you break an arm, have a heart attack or something , however you want, you will be treated”, Says Doctor González.

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Banner Health and this doctor from the valley ask for the collaboration of the public so that hospitals and clinics can handle the high numbers, but they also ask that people stay home for the end of the year, use the mask and keep the health measures, already established.

Remember that you can still receive medical care at any hospital, if you arrive by walking, this change only applies to those who arrive by emergency transportation.

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