Arizona reported 5,267 new coronavirus cases, with 78 more deaths

DR. Joseph Varon entered the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas on December 29, 2020. (Photo by Go Nakamura / Getty Images)

This is a story that is regularly updated with the latest information about coronavirus and its effects in Arizona and beyond for December 30, 2020.


1; Arizona health officials reported 5,267 new coronavirus cases and 78 more deaths on Wednesday.

The state-documented number rose to 512,489 COVID-19 infections and 8,718 deaths, according to the Arizona Department of Health dashboard.

Some Arizona COVID-19 metrics have reached or are close to pandemic levels.

The number of patients in COVID-19 hospitals who confirmed or suspected Arizona rose to a record 4,526 on Tuesday, a 97% increase since Thanksgiving.

The number of COVID-19 patients in government intensive care beds rose to 1,076 on Tuesday, the sixth consecutive day of the highest record.

The use of ventilators and emergency rooms by confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients also peaked on Tuesday.

Nationwide COVID-19 patients who are suspected or confirmed that they occupy 53% of all inpatient beds and 61% of all intensive care beds have both been registered.

A total of 91% patient beds and 90% full intensive care beds.

The rising tide of COVID-19 patients is squeezing the remaining space for other patients in Arizona hospitals. Only 39% of all patients among non-COVID patients had the second lowest pandemic rate on Tuesday. For intensive care beds, 29% is not COVID, the lowest rate recorded.

The Arizona weekly positive percentage for the COVID-19 diagnostic test, an indication of how much the virus has spread through the community, was 22% on 113,233 tests last week. If that survives, it will break the 21% record from the week of June 28th.

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The positive percentage is up 27% from 15,433 tests this week.

Official positive rates are based on when samples are taken, not when they are reported. Therefore, the percentage of the past few weeks may fluctuate when the laboratory is in a test and the results are documented by the state.

The seven-day average for newly reported cases to the health department was 5,715.29 on Tuesday, the lowest since December 7. This comes from a report by The Associated Press.

The seven-day average of newly reported COVID-19 deaths rose to 73.57 on Tuesday, rising for the second year in a row after falling five days.

The state’s daily updates display case data, deaths, and tests after the country receives and reviews statistics that may be delayed for a few days or more. They do not represent actual activity over the past 24 hours.

Hospitalization data was reported electronically every morning the night before from 100 hospitals across the state as required by instructions from the executive branch.

COVID-19, a disease caused by the novel coronavirus, does not affect some people and seriously debilitates or kills others. People who are infected with no symptoms – including but not limited to a cough, fever, and difficulty breathing – can spread the virus.

You can find information about the test sites on the Arizona Department of Health website.

Here are the latest Wednesday developments on coronavirus outbreaks from different states, countries, and around the world:

  • The UK allowed the easy-to-use coronavirus vaccine and decided to spend more time between doses so more people could get a higher level of protection as the infection increased.
  • Globally, there were approximately 82.11 million cases of COVID-19 and 1.79 million deaths worldwide on Wednesday morning, according to research by Johns Hopkins University. The US number stands at 19.52 million cases and 338,000 deaths.
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