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Description of item

Arizona SLIP-ON round CP wallet.

The color is gray.

The material is Italian leather.

The bill is folded in half and is smooth even in front of the cash register.

I’ve used it several times, but it’s so important that I don’t use a coin purse, so there’s no darkening.

I only use long wallets, so I will sell them here.

I bought it at Rakuten Ichiba, so if you want to know more about it, I think it’s easy to understand.

From the following site

Name: SLIP-ON Arizona Round CP Wallet IAZ-9801

Actual size: Length about 98mm x Width about 130mm x Thickness about 24mm

Weight: 122g (Please note that there is an error of ± 10% due to individual differences peculiar to natural materials.)

Specifications: ● Pocket with gusset x 3 ● Box coin purse x 1 ● Card pocket x 2

Material: Cowhide (Italian leather)

List price: 10780 yen

Thank you.

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