Arizona to punish drivers who cheat Autopilot

One of the driving assistants What is gaining more and more prominence in most new vehicles is the adaptive cruise control, which in many cases can be complemented with the lane-keeping assistant to keep the vehicle on both lines of the road, both straight and straight. in curves not very steep. This system requires the driver attention, but many are looking for a ruse so that it is not like that.

A punishment for the most foolish

Therefore, you can see a variety of videos in which the person at the controls uses some type of device or even an everyday object such as a plastic bottle to cheat to the system and thus be able to occupy their hands in other matters. This attitude is very dangerous and can lead to an accident, so the representative of the state of Arizona, John Kavanaugh, you want to remedy the matter with a bill who intends to punish these shameless drivers.

With the approval of this law, the agents of the authority will have the power to impose fines of up to $ 250 to anyone who tries fool the car into believing that its hand is on the wheel when systems such as AutoPilot – in the case of Tesla – is activated, as reported from Arizona Mirror. In this sense, some devices such as the one manufactured by the company Autopilot Buddy, which is placed on the steering wheels of Tesla cars, would no longer be legal in that state.

Economic sanctions

Driver assistance systems such as Tesla Autopilot, Volvo Pilot Assist and Cadillac Super Cruise have different ways of monitor whether a driver is paying attention to the road, either by detecting a hand on the wheel or by using eye-tracking technologies. The bill calls them “deactivation devices” and would allow police to stop and fine drivers who use them while the car performs most of the driving duties.

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The aforementioned media also collects that Kavanaugh owns a Tesla, and his original bill aimed primarily at the autopilot system he was familiar with. Apparently, he had seen various tricks such as water bottles, oranges, bracelets and other objects that were placed on Tesla wheels, as well as very dangerous videos of drivers sleeping behind the wheel, so he decided to do something about it.

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