Arizona Trail 2019 – Desert Diaries Part 1 – Travel Reports

Hello everyone,

after reading the book by @German Tourist I first became aware of thruhiking and long-distance hiking in general. When I looked at nature in pictures and read other reports, I was on fire for the PCT – but then the great disenchantment that the permits are being reduced and the path is totally overcrowded. Hm … now what ?!

The more I read and informed myself about the CDT, the greater my respect and fascination for this trail. However, it is questionable whether I can cope with this, since I can’t even use a compass.

The AT or “green tunnel” was not really an option for me at first due to the monotonous forest, but this one did not let me go either, because I love the forest.
So the idea came to me to hike all 3 trails or parts of them in one season. Switching from PCT to CDT shouldn’t be a problem – on the other hand, the AT is a long way off.

Now my question: Are there people who hiked parts of all 3 trails in one season ?!

If so, which sections would you recommend or advise against ?!
Of course, I am also open to other variants or tips.

And one more thing: Did you bring your gas cooker with you and if so, which adapter do you need for the cartridges in the USA ?! (I have the Soto Windmaster and as far as I know the cartridges are with inch thread)

Unfortunately, for professional reasons I can only do a one-time 1 year sabbatical, so I would like to take full advantage of a B2 visa. Of course, everything is currently on hold due to Corona, but that doesn’t keep me from dreaming and planning.

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