Arizona Weather: Triple-Digit Temperatures Remain | Your City Arizona Digital Edition

ready for this note and weSee you today at 5:00 in thelate to reportabout tremors.[úsica]adriana: hello adrianaguzán.thanks for following withus.I’m still on the hill of the aenthe city of tucson withtemperatures in the low 90s,reappears in phoenix because thethree digits return tomorrow inwherewe are waiting temperatures102 degree high.for this weekend continuebeing to stay hydrated.the sunscreen ofapply it, especially ifwill be we want itinvite to the education fair.that will be tomorrow Saturdayfrom 9:00 in the morning to1:00 p.m. in Phoenix.and at 9:00 in the morningthe temperature will benice, you have to see thosetemperatures for the nextdays, next seven days intucson.Those temperatures will belos 90,95.if we go to phoenixthree digits will remainall another heat wavewill be whipping our regionand hopefully it will be the lastbefore they startlower those temperatures and

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