Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Bans Use of “Latinx” on First Day in Office

Sarah Huckabee Sanders banned state government from using the word “Latinx” in an executive order on her first day as governor of Arkansas.

Former Trump White House Press Secretary e is Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee signed the order just after he was sworn in Tuesday.

Northwestern University associate professor of human development and social policy, Dr. Tabitha Bonilla, told NBC News which is possibly the first such executive order.

Huckabee Sanders signed another six warrants after being sworn in. Among them was an order prohibiting schools from teaching critical race theory: a law school subject used by conservatives to refer to almost any issue related to race. The new governor also signed orders related to budgets, spending and other matters.

With the exception of “Latinx,” the executive orders closely fit the talking points of the Huckabee Sanders campaign. Latinx is a gender-neutral term that some use in place of “Hispanic” or “Latino.”

“It was nothing I had seen of her up to that point. So I was surprised,” Dr. Bonilla told NBC.

Ed Morales wrote the book Latinx: The New Force in American Politics and Culture. He told the outlet that the order was part of “this anti-politically correct agenda” that the Republican Party It is driving.

“It’s something that seems to be tied to things they object to, meaning anything that prioritizes marginalized people and marginalized viewpoints,” Morales said.

Dr. Bonilla told NBC that it was surprising that Latinx was listed in the first orders signed by the governor.

“That sets the tone for the type of government that you want to enact, what is considered to be the priority, and the types of decision-making that you will be doing in office,” she said.

The term has been mocked by the right; its use is debated among a small number of Latinos.

Huckabee Sanders pointed to a 2020 Pew Research report that found that only 3% of Latinos in the United States used the word.

He also pointed out that the Royal Spanish Academy, a cultural institution in the Spanish capital, has rejected the use of the letter “x” instead of “o” and “a”.

The executive order states that its goal is to remove “pejorative language” and “ethnic insensitive.”

Morales noted that Huckabee Sanders appears to be using the Pew report to claim that “people find it offensive or reject it” and not taking into account that subsequent studies have noted a small increase in the use of the word, as well as other neutral words. to the genre, including “latine”.

Dr. Bonilla noted that the order does not state that the Pew report revealed that 76% of Hispanics had never heard the term Latinx before.

“She is offering justifications, and it seems to me that she has been trying to present the data and the information in a way that at bottom has to do with complacency,” Dr. Bonilla said of the governor.

Pew states that almost 4% of citizens eligible to vote in Arkansas are Hispanic.

“I doubt it appears very often in most government documents,” added Dr. Bonilla. “My biggest question is: who is the most affected by this?”

The term Latinx often refers to Hispanic people who do not identify as male or female.

“It’s really about transgender and non-binary people,” Dr. Bonilla told NBC. “And in the language, it also comes across as if it’s about the Latino community.”

The Independent He contacted the governor’s office for comment.

Translation by Michelle Padilla

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