Arkhangelsk hosted regional competitions in kayaking, canoeing and boats of the “Dragon” class

96 athletes representing the Isakogorsk Children’s and Youth Center, the L.K. Sokolova and school “Pomorye”

The race was held at three distances: 200, 500 and 1000 meters. Rowers competed in four ages: under 13, under 15, under 17 and under 19.

Among boys under 13 years old, Nazar Molofey from the SSOR named after N. L. K. Sokolova, the athlete won both races at 200 and 500 meters. In the age group up to 17 years, the absolute champions, that is, those who won at all distances, were also athletes of the SSHOR named after. L. K. Sokolova Makar Aryutkin and Lyubov Safonova. Among girls under 19 Arina Dyakhterenko became the absolute champion. Among the young men, the title of absolute champion was won by Mikhail Zhigarev from the SShOR im. L. K. Sokolova.

Three teams participated in the rowing competitions on boats of the “Dragon” class, which competed at a distance of 200 meters. The winner here was the Gorynych team, the crew of the SSHOR them. L. K. Sokolova.

The Ministry of Sports of the region notes that according to the results of these competitions, the national team of the Arkhangelsk region in kayaking and canoeing for 2023 is being formed.

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