Arnaud Souquet (ex-LOSC) is the fifth Mastiff to play in MLS

Including the recent departure of Arnaud Souquet from MLS, LOSC has seen five former Dogues join MLS in its history. The latest is none other than Luiz Araujo.

Arnaud Souquet, former LOSC player during his youth, was announced leaving for the United States. It is more precisely at the Chicago Fire that the Montpellier player will continue his career. The Illinois State Club is well known to old Mastiffs. Among the five players who played in MLS and LOSC, three of them were (or are) at the Chicago Fire, with Marko Maric in 2011 and Nicolas Gaitan in 2019. Two other former Lille players went through the Americas with Benoit Cheyrou in Toronto between 2015 and 2017, and more recently the Brazilian and Ligue 1 champion, Luiz Araujo who plays for his club Atlanta United.

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