Artistic director of the Russian Drama Theater Mikhail Rabinovich passed away in Ufa

Sad news came from the Russian Drama Theater. The day before, his permanent artistic director Mikhail Rabinovich, who held this position for more than 20 years, died in Ufa. A person without whom it is now difficult to imagine at least one production. The most famous director of the Bashkir capital, Honored Artist of Russia. The death of the master for the entire cultural bohemia turned out to be a real blow and surprise. Even at 81, he seemed to have too much strength to keep creating.

He really gave all of himself without a trace. Mikhail Rabinovich “rooted” for his native theater with all his heart, realizing that people are behind him. For many years he built a competent policy, making sure that even in the most difficult years for the country, the auditorium was always full.

We run the show, grind it, tinker like a toddler. Our child must scream. Our team is the friendship of peoples.

Mikhail Rabinovich, artistic director of the State Academic Russian Drama Theater of the Republic of Bashkortostan

The performances staged by him, and there are more than fifty of them, received high marks from the professional community, becoming events in the theatrical world. He possessed a unique director’s handwriting, a special, deep view of the world and of man.

The very first performance in 1983 was Five Romances in an Old House. It was a revolution in the theatrical life of Ufa. The scrapping took place, after which our drama theater became so famous and attended. Where, if you want to get, you need to take tickets much in advance.

Alexander Kuzmenko, Chairman of the Republican Organization of the Russian Trade Union of Cultural Workers

Always social plays, those plays that the audience agitates. Moreover, as an artistic director, as a director, he knew how to do it well. The person is no longer there, our dear, our respected. We don’t know how to proceed.

Oleg Shumilov, People’s Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan

One of the most important for the master was the theme of the Great Patriotic War. His performances “Echelon”, “Vacation from injury”, “The moon and falling leaves” have always found a sincere response from the audience.

The rehearsals themselves were already a separate performance, where Mikhail Rabinovich nurtured, educated, and gave the faceting the talents of the actors who entered the troupe.

For young actors and for the older generation, he was a father. Father both in the profession and in the implementation of theatrical business. The next season was opening, we saw and thought that life goes on. We were surprised that, despite his age, he retains such energy.

Sergey Basov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan

But Mikhail Rabinovich came to the theater, despite the protests of his parents, by whose will, by the way, he entered the Aviation University. For some time after graduation, he even taught technical disciplines. However, the creativity took over. Further – the Shchepkinsky school and the first appointment – a director in the Dagestan drama theater. All his life, Mikhail Rabinovich regretted only one thing: his parents did not manage to see any of his performances.

Russian theater is a theater from which everyone learns.

Mikhail Rabinovich, artistic director of the State Academic Russian Drama Theater of the Republic of Bashkortostan

And light, and music, and scenery, and costumes – he followed everything. If he didn’t like something, he made it redo. To make the performance run like clockwork.

Alexander Federyaev, Honored Artist of Russia, People’s Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan

In connection with the death of their leader, the performances were canceled in the theater. According to the actors, they simply could not play without tears in their eyes. The decorators had to transform the stage again – this time to say goodbye to the maestro. Tomorrow Mikhail Rabinovich will be in this hall again, but for the last time. Gone is not just a mentor and senior comrade, but an entire era.


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