As part of the “Inspire to read!” children received over 600 books

Thanks to the responsiveness of the society, in the fashion and entertainment center Riga Plaza, within the framework of the charity initiative “Inspire to read!” 237 children from Pardaugava received over 600 books as gifts for Christmas. During the action, people were invited not only to donate books to young readers, but also to encourage children to show interest in reading with their families.

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At the end of 2020, the first charity action “Inspire to read!” Took place, during which every visitor to the Riga Plaza had the opportunity to donate books to families under the care of the Pardaugava district branch of the Riga Social Service.

During the holiday, we managed to collect almost 600 books and bring joy to 237 children. The oldest of the donated books was a collection of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen published in 1987, the pages of which preserve such values ​​as kindness, friendship and love.

Among the books donated, there were many educational books, for example, “Forest Encyclopedia”, “The Life of Birds”, “Etiquette” and “Motorsport”. Most of the transferred books were published in the Latvian language, their authors are K. Skalbe, I. Ziedonis and A. Saks.

Books in English and Russian were also received.

Coloring books and copies of the book Journey to Wonderland published by Maxima were presented to young children

Celebrities also took part in the action, including the TV presenter and mother of Dagmar Legante-Celmina. She wished the young readers to read the collection “Fairylands” to meet the miracles and learn the lesson contained in this book. TV presenter and father of 4 daughters Armands Simsons presented his favorite book of his childhood – “Winnie the Pooh and His Friends”.

“We thank people for their responsiveness. Children received many interesting and beautiful books that their families could not have otherwise purchased. This is a very valuable and necessary support – books will enrich children’s everyday life and give the joy of reading. Other gifts presented by the partners of this initiatives, – gingerbread dough for the Christmas table, cookie cutters, felt-tip pens and pencils, as well as the generosity and warmth of the people, “said senior social worker of the Riga Social Service Jana Puke.

“This initiative surprised us with the immeasurable generosity and joy of giving gifts. Many need a helping hand, so we feel genuine satisfaction that together we were able to please so many families. Thanks to everyone who not only made a gift, but also took the time to read a book together with children in the family circle. In conclusion of our initiative, we would like to wish families to spend more time with children. We wish each of us to have that special, beloved from childhood book that makes you smile and warms your heart even after many years ” , – said Iveta Priestite, director of asset management at CBRE Baltics.

The charity campaign was organized by the Rīga Plaza Fashion and Entertainment Center in cooperation with the Riga Social Service, the Maxima company and the Jānis Roze bookstore.

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