Assault on the Capitol: what is known about the woman who died of a shot in the neck and about other assailants in Congress

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Babbitt was a huge supporter of President Trump.

“QAnon Shaman”, “Baked Alaska”, Nick Ochs, Richard Barnett, Ashli ​​Babbitt … are some of the hundreds of Trump supporters who participated in Wednesday’s assault on the Washington Capitol, as legislators led to carried out the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the November elections.

Among the assailants were members of different groups and organizations associated with the extreme right, conspiracy theories and nationalist movements, as well as individuals who deny the Democratic victory in the presidential elections.

The FBI published on Thursday several images of the people who are being wanted for the assault and has asked for citizen collaboration in identifying the assailants.

Ashli Babbitt


Babbitt (right) in a rally in support of Trump wearing a QAnon symbol T-shirt.

One of the protesters received a Shooting on the neck by the police when she was inside the headquarters of Congress and died while being transferred to a hospital.

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