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Aston Martin logo changed for the first time in 19 years | Jewelery Wing, a symbol of the new era

The wing emblem that symbolizes Aston Martin has been renewed. The wing has changed since 2003, and the logo has been changed for the 11th time in Aston Martin’s 109-year history.

The new design was created by Aston Martin’s design department in collaboration with acclaimed British art director and graphic designer Peter Saville. Handcrafted by craftsmen in Birmingham’s famous jewelery district, it will be installed in Aston Martin’s next-generation sports car as a symbol of Aston Martin’s focus on ultra-luxury, high performance and brilliant driving.

[Video]Behind the scenes of the process of making jewelry wings

To commemorate the announcement of the new wing, Aston Martin has unveiled a behind-the-scenes photo of the process by which the jewelery wing is manufactured at the studio of Vaughtons, a 203-year-old Birmingham silversmith. The studio produces the British Football Association’s winning trophy and the medals awarded at the 1908 London Olympics.

The Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1 ™ team will unveil a new winged car at the French Grand Prix on the weekend. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Grand Prix, Aston Martin will put the original button logo on the nose of the F1 car, which was used when it first entered the Grand Prix in 1922.

The wing emblem review is part of a strategic positioning restructuring to accelerate brand growth and appeal to new audiences.

The strategy focuses on strengthening the brand identity, entitled “Intensity. Driven.”, While focusing on its position as a performance car maker that is captivating. Combining luxury craftsmanship, sophisticated design, sensational driving and brilliant driving pleasure, Aston Martin’s unique identity is through new models such as the DBX707, V12 Vantage and Valkyrie without any compromises. It is clearly expressed.

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The largest investment in the last decade has led to a strategic repositioning and strengthening Aston Martin’s position at the top of the performance luxury segment. By doing so, we aim to achieve further growth by attracting a wider range of wealthy people around the world to strategically target while maintaining Aston Martin’s core values.

Also, in connection with “Intensity. Driven.”, A short film featuring all five Aston Martin high-performance production models was produced. By watching this video, you can feel how the driving feel and the driver’s emotions are linked.

Introducing the stimulating physiologic effects of driving an Aston Martin, the pupil dilation and heart rate sensor obtained through biotests during a thrilling high-speed lap on the ultimate hypercar, the Aston Martin Valkyrie. The data is visualized.

Renato Visignani, Head of Global Marketing and Communications, Aston Martin, said:

“To commemorate our return to Formula 1 at the pinnacle of motorsport, we launched the” Intensity. Driven. “Campaign, which marks the next step in Aston Martin’s transformation and is global. It unleashes all the possibilities and maximizes the unique positioning of world-leading ultra luxury and high performance.

While emphasizing existing customers, we want to reach out to a new generation of customers with this new campaign. Currently, 60% of Aston Martin sales are new customers. “

Marek Reichman, Aston Martin Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, commented:

“We design cars that captivate and inspire our customers. That’s why every Aston Martin design element is built with deep meaning and intent, with integrity and passion. increase.

A new wing design has been devised to keep up with the exciting evolution of the product. All lines and shapes of the new wing reflect 109 years of Aston Martin’s rich history. “

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With the help of talented Peter Saville, a leading figure in British graphic design, we have succeeded in taking the exploration and evolution of new wing shapes to the next level. And this time, in Birmingham’s jewelery district, I was proud to see this new hand-crafted identity for everyone involved. This new wing will be an important first step towards the transition to the next generation of ultra-luxury performance sports cars. “

Art director and graphic designer Peter Saville commented:

“The Aston Martin Wing update is an orthodox evolution of this tradition-inspired logo. It’s not only the latest shape, but also the delicate yet enhanced form required. We are adapting to new technologies, situations and applications of the future. This process has been a task to clarify and emphasize the characteristics of the Aston Martin brand. “

“Intensity. Driven.” Campaign

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