Aston Villa bans “English MPG” to its players after news leaked

Aston Villa management has banned its players from playing in a Fantasy League after inadvertently leaking Jack Grealish’s forfeit last weekend ahead of the Leicester game.

A real hit with sports fans, the Fantasy League is also very popular with players. And it can even have repercussions in “real life”. Aston Villa has thus prohibited its players from participating in the virtual Premier League championship, a sort of English “My Little Grass”.

The principle is simple: each participant composes his team with players recruited at auction before competing in a championship. The score of each match is determined by the actual goals and scores of the players making up the virtual teams. Numbers may change depending on injuries or suspensions through transfer.

And it is in this way that the package of Jack Grealish was unveiled before the meeting between Aston Villa and Leicester (1-2) on Saturday. An influential Twitter account has indeed noticed that many Villans players, whose accounts were public, had separated from the English star in their virtual team.

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Fantasy League participants can build their squad and transfer players up to 1 hour 30 minutes before the start of the first match of the day. A few hours before Wolverhampton-Leeds (1-0), scheduled for the opening Friday, several members of the Birmingham workforce released their teammate, thus removing the doubts that hung over his participation in the match the next day.

According to Daily Mail, it would have infuriated manager Dean Smith, who had promised to investigate the disclosure of the absence of Grealish, known only to the workforce, after the loss to the Foxes. The investigations did not last long and the sanctions quickly followed: ban until further notice to play. The phenomenon would worry other clubs of the English elite while several information filtered regularly.

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