Aston Villa bans fantasy football: all ‘fault’ of Grealish

The teammates, fantasy coaches, removed Grealish from their formation before the actual announcement of the injury: chaos.

Each nation has its own rules, but fantasy football is certainly not an Italian prerogative. With different calculations, ways, grades and report cards, it is played in different corners of the world. They compliment the UK, where Fantasy Football has led to a national case involving the Premier League championship itself.

The one guilty’? The captain and driver of Aston Villa, Jack Grealish. The Birmingham club, in fact, seems to have made the decision to ban its members from playing fantasy football with friends and teammates, after the latest news on the player’s conditions.

Unlike Italy, with private leagues, in Fantasy Football these are public and can be viewed by anyone participating in the competition. Before the game against Leicester, Aston Villa players Matt Targett, Conor Hourihane and Nei Taylor, as well as some staff members, had removed their teammate from their fantasy football team. On the day before the challenge, and before the announcement of the injury.

The whole of Great Britain thus knew in advance of Grealish’s injury, before any possible rumor or confirmation: Aston Villa went on a rampage, as Leicester knew that they didn’t have to challenge the man anymore representative of the opponents, taking new tactical precautions.

Brendan Rodgers, Leicester coach, confirmed that the rumor led him to change the way he staked ahead of the match against Villa:

“I heard about 24 hours before the game that he would not play. But they are rumors, you never know, so we also had to prepare ourselves for the idea that in the end Grealish would take the field.”

Furious instead Dean Smith, Villans coach:

“I discovered that there were already clues on the net that Jack wouldn’t play. If it’s something that comes from our sports center, I’ll find out: I’ll find whoever broke the news and punish him severely. It’s something that makes me very angry and I can assure you that I will go to the bottom of the matter “.


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