Aston Villa handed over to Unai Emery

Unai Emery was Aston Villa’s big bet this winter. Those from Birmingham paid the clause for Unai to take charge of the club and revive his project, but the team will go further.

According to Daily Mailthe coach held a meeting with the owner that was published on Twitter by the club itself with a photo of both posing in the shirt. This newspaper adds that this is the perfect example of the club’s intention to offer him all the power possible so that things are done his way. They assure that the club is delighted with his way of working and that he has the confidence of the dressing room, which he believes will be able to take him to a higher level under his orders.

He works with a staff in which he has Pako Ayestarán as his right hand. This, who was already in the successful Liverpool with Rafa Benítez, shares staff with other Spaniards such as Pablo Villanueva or Moisés del Hoyo, physical trainer. They ensure that the main coach tries to keep a little more distance from the players while they have closer contact with them. Even so, the players have full confidence in him, since the one from Hondarribia showed them his deep knowledge with individual meetings and an analysis of each one and how they could improve that impressed them. Video analysis, they say in England, is one of the best arguments of the Basque. This, together with his staff, analyzes his team and his rivals at the club facilities until he breaks them down and offers them to his squad in the most detailed and understandable way possible. For this, in addition to the training and the incorporations, in this medium they assure that the coach is carrying out marathon work days day after day.

In addition to his day-to-day work and a convincing entrance with existing players, Unai Emery has the total confidence of Sawiris and Edens with a view to new additions to reform the club. This winter he has already signed Alex Moreno from Real Betis (13.5 million euros) and has among his targets, according to reports in England, Matteo Guendouzi, whom he had under his command at Arsenal, Arnaut Danjuma, the who strengthened at Villarreal and Gerard Deulofeu, who is standing out remarkably this season at Udinese. These are the first bets of the Spanish coach, whom they will follow towards repeating the successes he has already achieved in Valencia, Seville or Vila-real. In England’s second most populous city, Emery rises from coach to the classic England role of ‘Manager’. As an architect for a project that will bear his signature.

The task is not small for the manager. The Birmingham team aspires to reach the highly disputed European positions in England. For now, Emery will have to relaunch his team after the cup elimination against Stevenage and try to continue adding in the league to elevate his team to the top half of the table. Since his arrival, Aston Villa has three wins, one draw and three losses, lamenting the loss in the two local cups: the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup. Now, all efforts are focused on the Premier. At Villa Park they believe in the Emery process.

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