Astrologers have named the signs of the Zodiac, which love will overtake very soon – UNIAN

The list includes Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius.

Astrologers have named the signs of the Zodiac, whose representatives may lose their heads from love next week, from July 18 to July 24 inclusive.

The list includes Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius.


During this period, Virgos will have a chance to radically get closer to their soulmate. Alienation. which pretty much managed to beat them up lately, will fade into the background. Mutual understanding will come first, which is important in a relationship. Lonely representatives of this sign will be able to notice the person who in the future will be able to be near and give love.


Libra, as the most amorous signs of the Zodiac, will have several times to really plunge headlong into romantic adventures next week. They will be active and full of energy, which will not go unnoticed by potential partners. It will be difficult not to succumb to temptation. True, it’s not a fact that these connections will get a chance to develop into something more, but Libra will get such pleasure that it will be enough for a couple of months in advance, if not more.


Sagittarians will finally be able to find common ground with their beloved. The main thing is not to miss the chance because of your pride and laziness. It will seem that all the forces are on their side, the whole Universe is rooting for Sagittarius to finally take over their heads in a relationship. And this charge, of course, will help them. The risk of failure is minimal. Lonely Sagittarians will also be given an opportunity. During this period, they expect several important meetings. The stars advise you to take a good look.

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