“At Helm Bank USA we advise them to acquire properties in Florida, USA”

Helm Bank USA has created financial connections in the United States for foreign companies and individuals, in order to expand their business and investment opportunities. In the last two years, the bank has grown over 40% in Colombia; and plans to strengthen its commercial strategy in 2022 with new products, such as loans for the acquisition of commercial real estate, diversifying its portfolio.

This was announced by Claudia Serna, director of global banking at the entity, who highlighted the importance of saving in dollars in the midst of the current situation.

Where do you currently operate and what are the main products offered by Helm Bank USA?

This is an American bank that operates in Florida and, through different representative offices, serves some Latin American countries; and others are served by the presence of bankers who travel periodically.

We have clients in 40 countries and we offer the possibility of diversifying wealth, saving in dollars, for example, for their children’s university. Also, natural persons can have a debit or credit card and invest in real estate. In the case of companies, they can open an account in dollars that is registered as a clearing account with the Banco de la República and the Dian.

What is the differentiating element compared to other banks that also offer accounts abroad?

Although some banks in Colombia offer the possibility of having accounts abroad, they are subsidiaries of their parent company, that is, the bank abroad consolidates its financial statements with those of Colombia.

Also, American banks view customers outside the US as high risk with unstable economies. Therefore, opening an account is difficult if you do not have a representative office and a local presence, and that is the greatest asset that we have, having had the service for 25 years in Colombia, with bankers who know the market.

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Amidst the current uncertainty, how convenient is it for people to save in dollars?

Despite everything that is happening in the world, the reference currency and the safest is still the dollar. For the Latin American who has a situation of such great volatility, it is crucial that he becomes increasingly aware of the importance of diversifying his wealth and not just having it in pesos or fixed assets in his country of origin.

Awareness must be created so that Colombians start saving in dollars and, eventually, can invest in a property in Florida, with the tranquility and security that the United States offers through a solid and recognized financial system.

How does this diversification process work?

The procedure is not complex. We have a presence in the main cities of the country with promotion offices, where the client can contact us and immediately a commercial manager indicates the papers required to open an account from US$25,000.

Likewise, it offers the Colombian the possibility of buying a property in Florida, a warehouse or a fixed asset that allows him to diversify his portfolio and have access to the credit record in the US, that is a very important value because no other bank have.

What is the growth projection for 2022?

The linkages have allowed Helm Bank USA to have grown by more than 40% in the last two years. The projection for 2022 is to continue growing at this rate and reach goals of between 35 and 40% in our operations.

The experience we have fuses the strength of the North American financial system with the expectations of the client and the regulations in force in Colombia, for this reason, we will continue developing technological tools for the optimal management of investments.

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