at least 67 dead in Florida and alerts for crocodiles, bears and snakes in the affected areas

The authorities notified the volunteers who help in the recovery tasks due to the presence of wild animals.

The Hurricane Ian’s devastating passage through Floridain the United States, has already caused at least 67 muertos. Due to the great damage and floods it caused, now the authorities are warning about the presence of wild animals in the most affected areas of the state.

It is about the appearance of animals like crocodiles, snakes and even bears who began to live in the areas of Florida that were left devastated and uninhabited.

That is a new danger for the residents of the southern United States state that was left in the middle of a chaosafter the meteorological phenomenon devastated dozens of householdsdestroyed bridges, streets and felled trees, among other damage.

In this sense, while many of them return to their cities to collaborate with the recovery tasks in the places most affected by the storm, this new danger appeared.

“Big storms make wildlife become more active. You are more likely to see alligators, snakes and bearsso remember to be vigilant and give them space,” the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said on its Facebook account.

As they pointed out, the sighting of alligators in urban areas is not unusual. However, officials from the aforementioned state agency warned that encounters with these reptiles may be more frequent in areas flooded by Ian, which made landfall in this state as a Category 4 hurricane.

Likewise, the experts added that, in the same way, encounters with bears may be more likely, who, “curious about the rubblethey can take advantage of easy access to leftover food waiting to be picked up by waste collection service officials.”

As for the snakes that can appear in these areas, they assure that they are not poisonous.

Avoid encounters with wild animals: the recommendation after Hurricane Ian

FWC reminded the population do not attempt to rescue a wild animal “during or after a hurricane or tropical storm if that would put them in a potentially dangerous situation.”

The possible encounters with wild animals after the passage of a storm or hurricane have aroused popular curiosity, which in recent years has been fueled by the circulation on the Internet of videos about the alleged presence of animalsespecially sharks, in urban areas, images that have later been verified as false.

The latest such case is a suspected three-foot shark swimming in flooded backyard of a home in Fort Myers, in southwest Florida, the area of ​​greatest impact by the hurricane.

According to US media, the video, which accumulates millions of views on Twitter, was recorded by a real estate agent, although there is no consensus of whether it is really a young shark or not.

Rescue and recovery efforts continue today in Florida, where Ian made landfall last Wednesday with maximum sustained winds of 240 km / h, and the dead are estimated at more than 50, according to local authorities.

Places that were “unrecognizable”

According to the US network CNN, days after Hurricane Ian hit Florida, residents are still assessing the damage and the devastation left some areas “unrecognizable”.

Devastation in Florida from Hurricane Ian. AP Photo.

Almost 900 thousand users in Florida still had no electricity early this Sunday, according to More than 30 thousand remained no electricity in north carolina.

The hurricane would be classified as “the costliest in Florida history,” CNN reported. While sunshine has returned to Florida, many are dealing with the fallout.

The devastation spread from Florida’s coastal towns to inland cities like Orlando, but was felt most intensely in southwestern coastal communities like Fort Myers and Naples.


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