At least six dead in Alabama tornado | Abroad

A tornado killed at least six people in the US state of Alabama on Thursday. The local police have confirmed this to The New York Times. The victims fell in Autauga County, an area in the middle of the state.

Meteorologists had warned of very dangerous tornadoes. According to The Washington Post one “large and destructive” tornado swept nearly 60 miles from Alabama to Georgia.

In the city of Selma, Alabama, a lot of destruction can be seen on images from the air. The authorities warn that electricity cables have come down. Trees have also been uprooted. No injuries were reported in Selma.

A state of emergency has been declared in parts of Alabama and the entire state of Georgia. Residents are urged to “find safe shelter”. In total, about 200,000 households in the region are without power. Mississippi authorities shared a photo of a razed house. A tornado was also seen there.

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