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New Year’s and Christmas Eve is considered the best time to guess. At this time, a huge surge of energy intensifies into the Universe. And there is an opportunity to know your fate.

The best period for divination is from December 25 to January 7. There is a chance that you can get truthful answers. It’s a beautiful moment on New Year’s Eve. And effective methods will help to find out about the future fate.

How to tell fortune?

For divination, you should choose the dark time of the day. You need to decide what questions should be. Write them on a small separate sheet, fold it in half and put it in a bag. The content must be shaken well. Then formulate a question and pull out the first leaf from the bag. According to the received answer, one can understand what awaits a person in the future.

How to know the future?

A drop of wax will help clarify the picture of the future time. To do this, take a large container and pour water into it. A wax candle should be lit and see how it flares up. The candle is turned over over the water and the drops of wax are allowed to drain. When they harden well, you can read the result from the drawing. To do this, a person should listen to his intuition.

How to tell fortunes on a betrothed?

By tradition, on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, all girls dream of learning about imminent marriage. But in order to understand when the fateful meeting is coming, you need to guess. For this, the modern method of divination is suitable. You need to dial any number on the phone and listen to who picks up the phone. If a woman answered, the meeting will not be soon. Male voice in the receiver – soon a fateful meeting will happen in life.

But to find out exactly about the date of the meeting, you need to show all your care. Early in the morning on Christmas you need to go outside. If you see a man for the first time, you can count on happiness. If a girl comes first to meet, then a homeowner can intervene in life. An elderly man promises a long family relationship. Elderly woman – strangers will interfere in the relationship.

simple divination

This is a fun fortune-telling that gives you the opportunity to tell fortunes right on the phone. You should mentally ask a question, and then call any number. If you heard “hello” in the tube, then the desire will not come true. If an affirmative “yes” sounded at the other end of the wire, you can prepare for the fact that the fulfillment of your desire is just around the corner.

There are also many different fortune-telling that should be done during the New Year and Christmas time. Books give the right answers. They can find the right clues and exact answers to questions.

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