Attractive adventure packages for the Arctic and Antarctic

Hurtigruten Expeditions introduces special experience packages including flight at a discovery price. Select nine- to 22-day trips to Antarctica, Alaska, Iceland, Spitsbergen and Greenland are available on special terms until February 28, 2023.

With its limited offer, Hurtigruten Expeditions offers adventurers extensive Er­leb­nis­pa­kete. All offers include flights from and to Germany or Austria in economy class, full board and a comfortable cabin on board. Also included are transfers and hotel accommodation before departure or after return according to the description in the itinerary.

Ant­ark­tis /​ Pa­ra­dise Bay (c) Hur­tig­ru­ten /​ Os­car Far­rera

On the expedition sea voyages with the hybrid expedition ships MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen to Antarctica, travelers explore the icy wilderness, get to know breathtaking landscapes and encounter animals in the wild. For example, a 15-day expedition sea voyage including flight is available from EUR 7,490 for an outside cabin, a 21-day expedition can be booked from EUR 9,990 including flight.

With its many fjords, glistening glaciers and diverse influences of indigenous and Russian culture, Alaska offers a unique adventure trip. An expedition on the MS Roald Amundsen, for example, can be booked from EUR 5,490 for an outside cabin, including the flight.

Smeerenburg (c) Hurtigruten /​ Jan Hvizdal

The last great wilderness of Europe, Svalbard has attracted intrepid explorers for centuries. As experts in trips to Spitsbergen, Hurtigruten Expeditions shows the fascinating places that this archipelago has to offer with the MS Spitsbergen. As part of the offer, a ten-day expedition sea voyage in an outside cabin is available from EUR 6,990 including flight.

Bubbling volcanoes, bubbling geysers, beautiful fjords and spectacular waterfalls await in Iceland. Hurtigruten Expeditions visits the land of ice and fire with the MS Maud and the hybrid expedition ship MS Fridtjof Nansen. An outside cabin, for example, can be booked from EUR 4,190 including flight.

Ex­pe­di­tion Crew (c) John Char­dine /​ Hur­tig­ru­ten Ex­pe­di­ti­ons

Surrounded by a vast system of glaciers and fjords, Hurtigruten Expeditions explores Greenland’s Disko Bay along calving icebergs, pristine beaches and verdant valleys. Greenland’s culture and tradition can be explored with the MS Maud from 5,990 euros for an inside cabin.

The expedition sea voyages are accompanied by a German-speaking expedition team with expert knowledge in various fields. Travelers can also look forward to a visit to the onboard Science Center, with state-of-the-art equipment, a library, exhibits and maps. You can also become active yourself and take part in scientific research projects.

Included expedition activities include select shore excursions and expedition boat landings in remote locations. On board, travelers can attend lectures and workshops on the nature, history and culture of their destination.

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