Augusto Mendieta of Pericos Puebla signs with Kansas Royals

edgar gonzalez

Puebla / 22.11.2022 15:35:00

Augusto Mendietarookie pitcher for the Puebla parrots, originally from San Luis Potosí and graduated from the academy of the emerald organization, He was signed as a prospect with the Major League Baseball team, the Kansas City Royals, who carried out the signing of the agreement with the feathered institution in a press conference.

Manuel Samaniegoa scout for the Kansas City Royals, specified that this is part of the project that the North American club has to swell its ranks with players who have the necessary talent to represent with dignity the colors they wear on their flannel, hence they did not hesitate in betting on Mendieta.

“At the beginning of the conversations, one always listens to the opportunity that is given to the player, we are a little off, because the player is the one who earns the opportunity. We are looking for someone who makes us believe that he can be a Major League player, fortunately the level in the country has been growing, we believe a lot in (Augusto) Mendieta’s project, we know the commitment we are acquiring. A thank you to the organization, the growth is noticeable, keep working, looking for a chance”.

Likewise, he stressed that as an organization they are in a constant search for talent, hence it is not ruled out that in the near future a new arrangement will be reached with the Pericos, noting that since his arrival as scout with Kansas City, he has put his Look at the Mexican talent.

“The sight is always on, there are many things that are not seen in this job, ranging from the needs of the clubs above, available money, that talent is not signed in another country, we always sign Mexicans, we love the Mexican, This is my fourth year with the Royals and we have ten Mexicans in the organization, many, although it may not seem like it, we are seeing them, we are following them.”

In his opportunity, the new member of the “Royals”, Augusto Mendieta, said he was very grateful to each and every one who has made this dream possible, aware that it is just the beginning of a great project, so for him it is not there is more to surrender and work to soon debut in the “Big Top”.

“Thank God for giving me this opportunity that I have been looking for from the beginning, to all the people who have supported me, the coaching staff, the board players, mainly my mother, who have never left me alone, they have always been there for me. support me at all times, this is a dream that any baseball player always seeks since they start playing, I am very grateful to everyone for giving me this opportunity. I am proud to put on this new jersey, it is a new stage in my career, let’s continue as we have been doing, working very hard to get to the big leagues,” he said.

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