Australian government relented in conflict with Facebook


The administration of the social network Facebook held negotiations with the Australian authorities, after which it was decided to amend the bill requiring platforms to pay for media content. As a result, the news should return to the Australian part of the social network.

Facebook has returned Australia as a friend and Australian news will be restored to the Facebook platform– said the federal treasurer of Australia.

The bill will include four amendments that change the compulsory arbitration mechanism used when tech giants fail to reach an agreement with publishers on fair payment for displaying news content. Facebook was pleased with these changes.

The government further clarified that we retain the ability to decide whether news appears on Facebook so that we are not automatically subject to forced negotiations.Campbell Brown, vice president of Facebook Global News Partnerships, said.

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The company will continue to invest in news content, she said, but will “resist efforts by media conglomerates to develop a regulatory framework that does not take into account the actual exchange of value between publishers and platforms such as Facebook.” transfers Reuters.

At the same time, until February 22, the Australian authorities argued that they were not going to change the legislation because of the conflict with the social network.

Earlier, the popular social network announced the restriction of news publications in the online space of the island state, arguing this by the introduction of a new media code, which was supposed to protect local media companies, obliging platforms to pay for displayed content of local media. After that, Facebook began to block all news content on the Australian side of the social network, which led to a drop in local media traffic.

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The Australian government first came into conflict with the platform: the country’s Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment, Simon Birmingham, said that local authorities would abandon advertising campaigns on the social network. He accused the company of trying to demonstrate its power and influence democracy. However, as a result, the Australian authorities entered into negotiations with the leadership of the social network, wrote.

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