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After a long planning period and a delay due to the pandemic, the time has finally come. The Austrian Football League will be increased to ten teams in the 2022 season. This decision and the framework conditions were made in close coordination between the AFBÖ and the AFL teams. There will be no promotion and relegation in or out of the AFL in the next season in order to consolidate the structures and to give the teams – especially the four promoted teams – the chance to establish themselves in the top division. The Swarco Raiders Tirol and the Dacia Vikings will continue to compete in the AFL with newly formed teams. Details on the game plan and game mode will follow at a later date.

Due to the restructuring, there will be three more divisions with ten teams each under the Austrian Football League in 2022.

AFBÖ league board Gerwin Wichmann: “We are very pleased that we can now carry out the long-planned increase in the Austrian Football League to ten teams. The AFL teams have worked out general conditions to strengthen the league even more sustainably and to give the newcomers more time to develop. ”

Austrian Football League

  • Swarco Raiders Tirol
  • Dacia Vikings
  • SsangYong Danube Dragons
  • Spielberg Graz Giants project
  • Prague Black Panthers
  • Rangers Mödling
  • Salzburg Ducks
  • Atrium Steelsharks Traun
  • Znojmo Knights (CZ)
  • Telfs Patriots

AFL Division 1

  • Ultimate Amstetten Thunder
  • Cineplexx Blue Devils
  • Styrian Bears
  • Vienna Knights
  • Generali Invaders St. Pölten
  • Carinthian Lions
  • Schwaz Hammers
  • Fehervar Enthroners (HU)
  • Danube Dragons Future Team
  • Styrian Hurricanes
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AFL Division 2

  • Vienna Warlords
  • Upper Styrian Rhinos
  • Pannonia Eagles
  • UAFC Monobunt Gladiators Ried
  • Carnuntum Legionaries
  • Styrian Reavers
  • Gmunden Rams
  • Carinthian Eagles
  • Weinviertel Spartans
  • Asperhofen Blue Hawks

AFL Division 3

  • Blackvalley Wild
  • Huskies Wels
  • Ebenfurth Mustangs
  • Pongau Ravens
  • Dacia Vikings Division Team
  • Steyr Predators
  • Mostviertel bastards
  • Klosterneuburg Broncos
  • AFC Grizzlies
  • Styrian Panthers

Photo: Herbert Kratky


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