Avocados From Mexico returns to the Super Bowl

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(01/13/23). Avocados From Mexico (AFM), the number one selling avocado brand in the United States, confirms that it will be back in the Big Game, sparking joy on television screens across the country for the eighth time in a decade with a 30 second ad on the biggest night of advertising. The beloved brand is no stranger to the Big Game and will return to Arizona on February 12, 2023 with a new ad by the multicultural agency LERMA/ as in previous editions, which will be supported by a fully integrated 360 marketing campaign.

The new ad will highlight good times and good taste, as avocados and guacamole are game day and #MakeItBetter favorites. With guacamole guaranteed at every party, it’s no surprise that the Super Bowl remains the number one occasion for avocados and guacamole to be served and prepared. In fact, about 250 million kilos of avocados are shipped from Mexico to the US each year during the 4 weeks leading up to the Big Game in February. Holy guacamole! To put this stat in perspective, avocados are enough to:

– Stretch across Arizona – where the Big Game will take place – more than 63 times when placed end to end.
– Fill approximately 30 million football helmets with guacamole.
– Stretches across nearly 361,000 football fields when laid end to end.

“The Big Game is very special for us, as it celebrates the period of greatest avocado consumption during the year,” said AFM President and CEO, Álvaro Luque. “The AFM brand is responsible for 95% of avocado sales during Big Game weekend. It’s the perfect opportunity to spark goodness. Avocados make everything better – they bring good times and good taste to consumers.” gameday spreads, and that’s great for avocado enthusiasts and sports fans alike.”

AFM was the first produce brand to advertise in the Big Game. Over the past decade, AFM’s Big Game campaigns have garnered more than 90 awards and recognition for their record-breaking performance. AFM is the only brand to have been ranked one of the top two Big Game digital campaigns for five consecutive years by the Merkle Report.

The new 30-second spot will air during the Big Game, which will be broadcast live on Sunday, February 12, 2023. This will be Avocados From Mexico’s eighth Big Game spot in the last decade. The announcement coincides with AFM’s current in-store promotion Big Game Guac Showdown featuring Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds. The couple partnered with AFM to create their favorite guacamole recipes, and the brand invites shoppers to vote for their favorite in January by scanning the QR code found on store displays. As always, AFM will extend the brand experience from consumers’ television screens to an interactive digital activation launching weeks before the game.

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